Webtop Contacts export

How do I export contacts in the newest Webtop?
I was able to do this in the past, even recently, for sure to a LDIF file at least, but now I see no option in contacts or anywhere to be able to do so.
Or, is there an example of a .csv for import for all fields in webtop contacts?

Hi @wbilger,
I don’t know that it was ever possible to export a phonebook from the WebTop interface :wink:.
It is a feature that is present in currently low priority roadmaps.

If you want you can always export a category of contacts via postgres commands like this:

  1. access the webtop5 database:
    su - postgres -c 'psql webtop5'

  2. identify the category_id of the address book to be exported:
    select * from contacts.categories;

  • if you know the username that is the owner of the address book (eg: foo):
    select * from contacts.categories where user_id = 'foo';
  1. hypothesizing that the number of the address book to be exported is X and the CSV file is to be called ‘address_exported.csv’:

copy (select title,firstname,lastname,nickname,gender,company,function,work_address,work_city,work_state,work_postalcode,work_country,work_telephone,work_telephone2,work_fax,work_mobile,work_pager,work_email,assistant,assistant_telephone,department,manager,home_address,home_city,home_state,home_postalcode,home_country,home_telephone,home_telephone2,home_fax,home_mobile,home_pager,home_email,notes from contacts.contacts where category_id='X' and is_list='f' and revision_status != 'D') to '/tmp/address_exported.csv' delimiter ',' csv header;

  1. download the file /tmp/address_exported.csv

I hope it helps you :wink:


Thanks, I’ll give it a shot.
You would obviously know more, but I 100% just did and export from an old NS Webtop install and import to my new install. But, now I can’t for the life of me remember how, I assumed selected all contacts and exported, but not sure, don’t see any export.

Worked perfect, thanks.


Great job @lucag! You’re fantastic! :smile:

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