Shared contacts & calendar

Migrating old SME 7.4 server (2009), to NethServer.7.x
Users uses a shared addressbook and calendars provided by the old egroupware package installed in the old server.
They are interested to expand their possibilities with an updated groupware (mail integration, …), but first request is to still have a common contact lists that anyone can use and update…
It is my first WebTop interaction and I haven’t still dedicated it a great amuont of time, but the docs and topics I had read in this category had confused me a little.
Is there an updated guide to achieve this first simple task?
From this thread Webtop Contacts export I suppose I have acquired the right .cvs import format than I can use with data extracted frm egroupware DB.
But I want the contacts loaded to a common default addressbook …

Thanks, Paolo

WebTop contact/calendar import is documented here.

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