Webtop and Collabora

Can I integrate webtop document server and collabora?
I used to use onlyoffice and set Webtop admin setting documentserver.public.url to “https://mydomain.com:port” and it worked.
I have collabora up and running, and it works in nextcloud.
I tried to set webtop documentserver.public.url to https://collabora.mydomain.com, but I get “Document Server is temporarily not available. Please try again later.” error.

From the Webtop docs it seems just Onlyoffice is supported:


As a workaround you may connect Nextcloud with Webtop and use Nextcloud/Collabora to edit documents.


Bummer, ok, thanks.
Maybe I’ll switch back to onlyoffice then, but it was failing for me after upgrade to nextcloud 18.

I got onlyoffice working in Nextcloud 18 and Webtop. I am sure we’ll get it working too on your server.

There’s a webtop integration too:

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You don’t use the built in onlyoffice server in NC 18?
That’s what I could not get working.

Honestly I didn’t test the built-in onlyoffice yet but I’ll check that asap.

Thanks, let me know here if you figure anything out, I won’t look at this until next weekend now.
I think I’d rather have it as integrated and simple as possible so would like to use the builtin.

You’re right. If webtop5 could use the built-in onlyoffice too it would be great. I’ll report what I find out…

OnlyOffice is supported since a couple of years, when NextCloud did not have a built-in OnlyOffice yet.
We’re looking at the code to see if there is a way to use the same OnlyOffice for both WebTop 5 and NextCloud, though for performance and production installations I would not suggest to have everything on the same machine.
On our XStreamOS based cloud servers we have a dedicated OnlyOffice zone instance.


About Collabora, we didn’t consider it because AFAIK it’s way less funcional than OnlyOffice, and it’s much harder to get into the documentation to integrate.
At the moment, we’re not interested, unless you point any reason to do it.


We use libreoffice on desktops, so was just looking for uniformity, but can function fine with OnlyOffice.
We only have about 12 office users, and very minimal onlyoffice usage, would having on the same machine be ok in our case?
I never really thought about it when thinking about using the builtin onlyoffice in NC 18, that it may not work with Webtop then, or could it?

Oh, and Collabora can open and save .doc and .xls files, where onlyoffice cannot.
But, yes, onlyoffice does a better job in most cases with MS office docs, but the desktop version is very, very slow to open files so we moved to libre.

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