WebTop 5: new update release 5.5.2

The WebTop development team has just released a new update release: 5.5.2
(thanks to the Webtop Team: @Amygos, @gabriele_bulfon e @matteo.albinola)

Here are the official release notes published: https://www.sonicle.com/docs/webtop5/release_notes.html#release-notes

In particular, with this release all issues related to those development versions 5.5.1 and 5.5.2 .

Reference issue: https://github.com/NethServer/dev/issues/5706

Top new features:

  • CORE: Add setting to hide auto-suggested recipient in lookups (see here)

  • MAIL: Add subject customization in auto-responder

  • MAIL and CLOUD: Add support to DnD attachments between message preview to cloud

  • MAIL: Save an attachment from an email directly to your personal cloud

  • MAIL: Edit subject of a mail and save it. A specific setting is needed to enable this functionality (see here)

  • MAIL: Remember search field by folder

  • CALENDAR: Show day name in first column of weekly view

  • CONTACTS: Add support to multiselect when moving or copying contacts

Major bug fixes:

  • MAIL: Sending email sometimes shows error on “closed folder”
  • CORE: Click on email in the body does not pick up email address
  • CORE: Upgrade plupload to avoid WRONG_FORMAT error
  • MAIL: The delete button does not work by opening the email
  • MAIL: Hide unneeded date columns in message grid header options
  • MAIL: Advanced search on folders other than INBOX goes wrong
  • MAIL: Deleting/Renaming a folder set as favorite causes a UI error
  • MAIL: Clicking on web notification of a new mail does not refresh the inbox and cause javascript error
  • MAIL: Broken inline images on “Forward” or “Open as new message”
  • MAIL: Match unconditionally option in filters (incoming) doesn’t require rules
  • CONTACTS: List element with linked contact may throw null pointer exception on open
  • TASK: It is not possible to copy tasks from one category to another
  • CLOUD: Creating folders with the character : in the name you no longer access your personal cloud

To update immediately or install this new release:

yum clean all && yum update \*webtop5\* (to update)

yum clean all && yum install @nethserver-webtop5-groupware (to install)


Well done @webtop_team! :clap: :clap: :clap: