Weekly welcome to new members - 27 Feb 17

Good morning NethServer Family,
Do you know what’s happening here? Every Monday we love to celebrate our newcomers and once again I’m so happy to see so many faces! :boy::older_man::construction_worker::woman::man:
If you’re new here, make yourself at home and be prepared to see why we’re NethServer! :heart_eyes:

We can’t wait to get to know each of you, comment below :point_down: :point_down: :point_down: and tell us:

Looking to you:

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Jumped ship from Zentyal, which Ive used for a pretty long time. I like debian but also realize its not something I can use anymore. Its a jack of all trades, I needed something more specific to gateway software. Ive looked at NS for about a year now, never had the balls to switch. After a few VM installs I finally took a couple hours set up a freenas server for plex and samba shares and dedicated a server for NS as a gateway. So far its been great, support and people are much more helpful than zentyal, most of the people using it had never used linux before it seemed. The community here is amazing, and the people who have helped me so far have been pretty awesome.

Edit: I did not know we welcomed new users, hence the late reply :stuck_out_tongue:

Ehi Joel, so happy to see you here.
I understand that switching it’s a hard choice, you trust a system but at the same time you feel the need to move away.

In your opinion, how can make that “choice” as smooth as possible? I’m very curious actually. Should we write some additional documentation? User guides? Features?
Not everyone has the balls to switch.

Didn’t you receive the email notification? Looks strange to me.

Thanks for that, we appreciate it so much. Would you like to be one of those “pretty awesome” people? Trust me, you can. Which part of NethServer do you know most?

Thanks for the welcome @alefattorini

The Nethserver specific things I decided to Jump into was the OpenVPN implementation and the groupware / mail. I specifically liked that it was all lumped together in one software product.

As for my skill set. You can say I’m a jack-of-all-trades in programing. It goes beyond the typical front-end / back-end stack. I’m strongest in Front-End but have Back-End, Networking, and Linux administration experience.


  • Mike

Also know as Full-Stack Engineer :slight_smile:
Wow, its’s really the member we’re looking for here. Could you take a look at our issues and lend a hand?
https://github.com/issues?user=NethServer /cc @dev_team

Our #webtop need tests as well and the @webtop_team will be happy to work with you.