Warning: can't write entry into mtab (SFTP as an alternative?)

Nope : that howto was server side (NS side), to lock a distant SFTP user into a home folder. Here the problem is storage side, which doesn’t offer features or rights that the NS client expects.


The warning is nothing to be concerned about. If a newer version of davfs2 package makes its way into CentOS it will be resolved. More info at:


FWIW, current version of davfs2 installed on a fully updated NethServer davfs2-1.4.7-6.el7.x86_64

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it seems that centos7 has to be updated since 2020

You might try a newer version of davfs2, e.g. 1.5.6. It will be able to handle situations where /etc/mtab is a symbolic link to a kernel file system and not writable.

Maybe is the “usual” management of CentOS: only patches/updates, not “upgrades”.

On CentOS 8 you have 1.5.6 but not on CentOS 7 (which is more or less like this since I coded the webDAV support for backups).

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Maybe another webdav provider? I use stack from transip (transip.nl/stack). Unfortunately their website in currently only available in Dutch, but with Goole translate it should be possible to get the idea of what it is and does.
I use it with WebDav for over 4 years now as backup location for my NethServer based VPS’s
ps: when you have an account, you can change the interface into English…

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Dutch isn’t an issue :blush: I’m Belgian :blush:

Good pointer I will have a look !

IDK which people loves more beer among these two…

That looks good, I will book it. I live 50 km from the Dutch border, in the Ruhrgebiet.

Thank you, Marko

Thank for the hint…can you point me, please? Perhaps I’m blind

STACK seem the offer for… disk space over internet, @capote ( don’t know a word about ductch but…)

the middle one I booked

The price is for the first 6 months, after that it will revert to the ‘normal’ price of EUR5,- per month for 1TB diskspace.
btw, the service is based on owncloud…

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Log into your stack diskspace: https://yourname.stackstorage.com

Then click “instellingen” (left menu)

Then scroll down to “voorkeuren” and change language to English.
Hit “opslaan”

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now I know why… currently I can not find the menu, the provisioning of the memory has not yet taken place.

  • SFTP with FTP client works
  • SFTP with Nethserver fails

support still contacted

support cannot help, service also canceled :frowning:

Everybody wants to backup though SFTP using NS these days :blush: Unfortunately it will not work on dumb storages :

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Why not webdav ?
cc @hucky

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  • poor speed
  • no rsync
  • only single destination