Warning: can't write entry into mtab (SFTP as an alternative?)

STACK seem the offer for… disk space over internet, @capote ( don’t know a word about ductch but…)

the middle one I booked

The price is for the first 6 months, after that it will revert to the ‘normal’ price of EUR5,- per month for 1TB diskspace.
btw, the service is based on owncloud…

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Log into your stack diskspace: https://yourname.stackstorage.com

Then click “instellingen” (left menu)

Then scroll down to “voorkeuren” and change language to English.
Hit “opslaan”

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now I know why… currently I can not find the menu, the provisioning of the memory has not yet taken place.

  • SFTP with FTP client works
  • SFTP with Nethserver fails

support still contacted

support cannot help, service also canceled :frowning:

Everybody wants to backup though SFTP using NS these days :blush: Unfortunately it will not work on dumb storages :

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Why not webdav ?
cc @hucky

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  • poor speed
  • no rsync
  • only single destination