Voice over NS8: The New NethVoice Module - @amygos and @Stll0

That’s an amazing talk at FOSDEM 2024 by @Amygos and @Stll0
It’s about a new NethServer 8 module from Nethesis called NethVoice: Open Source VoIP PBX


The videos are great, the shed alot of information in a short video

up to this day, i have been wondering how someone can login into the cti interface, and have not been able to do so, even with a deployment installed yesterday(5th/3/24) where do i get the cti admin, and which users exactly are used to login to cti web screen?

Thank you!
You can login using any user that has a “Profile” configured

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i have a user here:

they cant login


IS there osmething else that eneds to be done?

select one of the three available profiles. The things that you’ll se on CTI interface depends on what is enabled on the selected profile, if you don’t select any access isn’t enabled
Screenshot from 2024-03-06 12-09-10

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Been able to login now, Nice interface

setting base and standard works.

Setting advanced, does not work


It takes a few seconds to apply changes from interface, try again

whats the difference between these profiles.

you can see it (and modify it, or create new) in the “Profiles” wizard page. Every profile has a set of permissions of things that the user is allowed to see and do on CTI. Also when you select a profile a FreePBX custom context is assigned to the user, so his permissions are limited also on dialplan.

is and or would there or would there be a provision for a poor mans PBAX, basically, an LTE router has a sim card and provision for making and managing calls, so a setup that such a device could be applied as a route for call in nethvoice.

That one aside could and can a standard GSM gateway be useable with nethovoice?

Yearstar, Goip and Grandstream,

this is what i see on the gateway page

not automatically, but you can configure every unsupported SIP device from FreePBX interface (click on “Advanced” to go to the FreePBX interface)
Screenshot from 2024-03-06 14-13-10

here you mean?
Settings> Asterik Sip Settings

No, you may want to create a trunk (“Connectivity” > “Trunks”) and connect your gateway to it. That’s FreePBX btw, you can search for configuring your device on FreePBX.

I would like to install it, do I need an extra repo:

OK, got it under the testing repo…


so far, seems to be working…

@Stll0 i just accross NATS.io – Cloud Native, Open Source, High-performance Messaging

I am not sure if it really relates or corelate to NethVoice NS8 · GitHub

Just sharing… myabe you know about it, maybe not…