Vlans can't have DHCP server?

Hi! I’m install Nethserver this morning, and i cant create a DHCP server for Vlans.

Maybe i’m wrong but I assume that DHCP settings must let me create a DCHP server for any green or blue interface, fisical or logical.

Is this a bug, or i’m losing of something?


yep it was little bug :slight_smile:

so edit pls


on line 128 insert
if ( ! in_array($record[‘type’], array(‘ethernet’, ‘bridge’, ‘bond’ ,‘vlan’))) {

and you should see your Vlan in DHCP page !

Have a nice day !


@alefattorini add this in Feature i’ll fork it on GIT


Good, go ahead! @davidep could you confirm such bug?

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forked on GIT :slight_smile:


“Configure DHCP on VLANs” sounds like an enhancement more than a bug. Anyway, did anybody tested @nas patch?

If dnmasq supports it and no other changes are required the job is done :smiley:

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I tested @nas patch and it works. Merge in progress. :smile:


So @nas patched, @filippo_carletti validated… now I open the enhancement:



@filippo_carletti, do you think we can merge @nas patch with http://dev.nethserver.org/issues/3036 ?

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Woah, I Love it when a plan comes together :slight_smile: great work @Nas!


What is the process to merge a pull reuqest?

  1. community discussion
  2. new dev.nethserver.org issue
  3. merge

Phase 1 could end with approval or rejection. We go to phase 2 only if approved.
Go and merge.

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Ok the patch is merged, now who can provide a test case?

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I’d prefer that @nas verify it, but I have a network available for testing.

The issue is lacking a test case. I can build the RPM for QA when we’ll have the test case :wink:

@nas @Carlos_Fernandez_S could you provide that?

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Sorry for late response, i have test my path, before i fork it on GIT :slight_smile: Sorry people i have bad day on work :frowning:

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The updated package that implements this feature is on QA since last week.
Maybe @Carlos_Fernandez_S could verify it.

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Good news! @Carlos_Fernandez_S now reward @davidep’s work is up to you :smile:
Feel free to ask help to our testing team: @fasttech, @medworthy, @vcc, @dz00te, @mabeleira

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Hi Sorry for the long time, i’m work with schools summer and class return are a big and stressfull pain in the ass.

First of all THANKS to all for the support :smiley:

The work arround works very well i put it on production and is working ok, but in the last update all the GUI options of the vlans goes off.

This is my actual network deploy, is very similar to the last one but with more vlans.

and this is what happend when i go to DHCP section of GUI:

I think that if i made the work arround again, it will work fine. But now i’m in production and i must wait for a weekend or a school free day to test it.

Usualy I wil test it on VM but i had more work than time :frowning:


Make sure to have the latest package released yesterday: nethserver-dnsmasq-1.5.1-1.ns6.noarch

See: http://dev.nethserver.org/issues/3238