Process to merge a pull request

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Like it, @dz00te @Nas @Ctek @davidep @giacomo @alep, @Stll0, what do you think?
Does it make sense?

Of course. That’s how we’re working and always worked! :ok_hand:

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yes of course it’s ok.
But if we want to extend it to a full Pull Request howto and not only the merge phase… could be something like this?

  1. The developer fork the project and create the feature in local repo
  2. The developer pushes the branch to it’s own github fork
  3. The developer require a pull request in Github
  4. The developer or some dev team member open also a discussion on the forum (discuss it, and review the code, and if needed reccomend changes)
  5. new issue (who should create it?)
  6. devteam member merge it in official repo and close the pull request
  7. QA/Test of the new package
  8. if ok, release of the new package

Phase 4 could end with approval or rejection, And a test case should be created for testing.
We go to phase 5 only if approved and if test case is present

Please review and correct the single steps. I think could be a useful howto


Sounds good for me! Looking forward to other insights :wink:

I’d like to skip step 5 :blush:

Some of you already know my thoughts!

In other words, leave out Redmine, and start using GitHub only.

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That’s very clear and helpful, take a look!