Vlan supported Access Points

Hey Nethserverians!

I know my question is not directly connected to Nethserver but I want your honest opinion.
I want to implement VLAN on Nethserver and I am using Zyxel switch 1920gs-24hp. I’ve followed a few guides from the Nethserver community and the Zyxel community.
I don’t have much knowledge regarding the VLAN Supported Access Points. So anyone could help me out in choosing Access Points? I need to buy at least 4 APs and I am not sure which are better. My network has 3 VLANS (pvid 1, pvid 10, pvid 20). I have a total budget of around 500 euros.
please suggest few models.


I’m pretty sure anything from Ubiquiti would do the job.

thanks @danb35 I’ve seen Ubiquiti unifi Access Points. does all of the unifi AP support VLAN? Unifi AC-PRO supports VLAN but I couldn’t get the info regarding Unifi AC Lite.
could u suggest some model number which supports VLAN with multiple SSIDs?
I’d appreciate ur help.

I believe they all do. The AC-Pro and AC-Lite definitely both do; I’m using both of them with multiple VLANs/SSIDs.

thanks a lot @danb35. In case u know some cheaper ones tplink or any other, please let me know as well.

I’m sure there are others that will do it–it’s been a long time since I used anything but Ubiquiti, myself. Consider too that their GUI management is far beyond anything I’ve seen with straight consumer-level gear. The only gear I’m aware of with comparable features would be considerably more expensive enterprise gear that’s also going to require ongoing license fees.

I’m using TP-Link EAPs with Omada. Not with VLan, but they support it.
There’s a how to for the omada controller in Nethserver. Runs very stable with 4 APs.
ATM I’m running V 3.2.6. Easy to install.

The EAP are not really expensive and the omada software is free.
Thanks @sharpec I found this and still like it. Maybe he can give you more insights.

Plenty of AP supports vLan. Only takes time to check specs.