Virtual Nethserver

(Kurt Ploeger) #1

I’m working with Virtualbox and Vagrant right now, trying to learn more about it and how to utilize it. I was wondering if there is virtualbox .vdi image file of Nethserver I can download and work with. I had a this set up on a box at work, but my job was basically outsourced and I’d still like to work with it. Thanks.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #2

Not aware about images of nethserver, but it is easy to create yours

(Kurt Ploeger) #3

Haven’t done that yet, I suppose I should learn. I also need to learn to take better notes when I do new things, so I can do them again without so many issues.

Never mind, I looked and this is something I’ve done before and forgotten already.

(Michael Träumner) #4

Here is an instruction how to install nethserver at a virtual box:

And here is one how to create an image:

(Kurt Ploeger) #5

Thank you! A short time after posting my question I recalled that the first couple times I used Virtualbox I did it using a .iso image file. Since I need to at least try to “stay in shape” with these tools I’m doing what I can.

(Stéphane de Labrusse) #6

virtualization is no more difficult than to install a real server, it is a godd game you are going to do…keep fun

(Kurt Ploeger) #7

Almost there, thanks for the support.

(Alessio Fattorini) #8

@syntaxerrormmm built something with Vagrant

(Kurt Ploeger) #9

Doing the updates now, we’ll see how it goes with the .vdi creation after a reboot.
I went with a fixed size like the demo, but not a static IP. It reloads at the state I left it in, but it’s a huge file, maybe I’ll try again with a dynamic allocation.
And thanks for the help, this forum is great!

(Rob Bosch) #10

I have a NS7 template on my proxmox server:

It’s a matter of seconds to pop up a new NS instance…