Viable Windows SBS Replacement?


I’ve been looking around for a Windows SBS 2011 replacement and was wondering if NethServer will fit my requirements.

Email server w/ Activesync - or ability to push emails & calendars to mobile devices (Android & Apple)
Domain controller for roaming profiles

Those are the only features I use from SBS 2011 besides the updating service, but that can be done manually.


Well, it has ldap, samba and sogo, though I don’t see documentation for groupware, groupware is in the Software Center.

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Hi @Longhair,
Welcome in NethServer Community! Thanks for asking and breaking the ice
Mail server is there, Activesync is enabled since last version of SOGo, you can use caldav/cardav as well.
NethServer supports roaming profiles, so you can shift right here and right now :wink:

@fasttech you’re right documentation is coming but it’s really easy to install and manage


Thanks for the fast relies :smile:

I was reading the Sogo 2.2.15 is available to test thread and see that Outlook 2010 needs OpenChange (according to the SOGo image). Will Outlook 2010 work with NethServer & SOGo after the initial install (Windows guy still learning the Linux vocabulary).

I plan on doing the install on Proxmox VE. Would it be better to have a couple of instances of NethServer running - one for mail server & activesync and one for the roaming profiles or just have everything run on a single build?

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Outlook 2010 will work only as mail client (imap) calendar&addressbook will be local

P.s. to share ldap through multiple nethserver’s istances should be a nice feature @alefattorini is it already implemented?

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Take a look to my reply here:


I’m going to give Mozilla Thunderbird a try then. I’ve never used it before but I said the same thing about Firefox.