Upgrades from 7.5.1804

Hello, can someone help me to upgrade from 7.5.1804 CE? I know it’s a very old release and i would upgrade it to 7.9 but when i run yum update I get following error :
No more mirrors to try.

@giacomo am I wrong or… 7.5 is “dead” as branch? Only 7.9 is “alive” as update cache?

If it so, @gatto, maybe the shortest path is backup, install 7.9 then restore config and data. Hoping that works.

7.6 has been announced december 2018

Micheal is right, 7.5 is dead since a long time :slight_smile:
There isn’t an official live upgrade path, the safest is one the the suggest one: backup and restore.

But if you feel brave, you could try to hack a bit the /etc/yum.repos.d/NethServer.repo to disable mirrorlist and point the repositories directly to 7.9.

Example for nethserver-base repo, change from:

name=NethServer-$nsrelease - Base


name=NethServer-$nsrelease - Base

Make sure to change all repositories, and maybe you will need also to disable repo_gpgcheck.

Than execute yum update and cross your fingers :slight_smile: Probably you will have some conflicts to fix by hand.

thx, I probably will try to follow Giacomo suggestions before reinstalling from scratch. I will let you know if hacking repos will work.

Which nethserver-modules do you have installed?

Asking because of this:

Happen to have a VM with a basic nethserver install “locked” on 7.5.1804 just for a test, so can try to do something with it before ditching it…

in applications module i can see roundcube, evebox , sogo, nextcloud, rspamd, also openvpn server for roadwarriors and file sharing without AD, but I cannot install anything more, repos are no more reachables. Only config backup, I cannot even install duplicity now :frowning:
Could you send me your VM disk? How many GB is it? From what hypervisor? I can give you an ftp space to send it if you agree.
I know for sure that I’ll have to do some manual upgrade to nextcloud, I hope rest of the apps will be upgraded automatically

@davidep, do you think the procedure described here will work with 7.5.1804 as it did for 7.6.1810?

I can’t bet on it: we changed the software repos policy with 7.5.

However I agree with that approach. Point to 7.9 repositories and upgrade all rpms. There will be probably some things to fix: the release notes are good reference to start with.

It is a VM on proxmox (LVM), but if you read the link carefully you should be able to set a NS 7.5.1804 up your self and move on from there.

Can try to upgrade mine to 7.6 with some of the modules you had installed.

Is my assumption right you did have nethserver-dc as account provider?

it’s just LDAP, not samba AD.
Do you think that I can install a new VM downloading 7.5.1804 iso? How can I install required modules if the repo is no more online?

Hi @gatto,

I’m a bit confused :question:

You have a (production) VM still running 7.5.1804 which cannot be updated… right?

But why do you need an other (new) VM running 7.5.1804?

As explained in the linked thread it is still possible to make a new (temporary) installation of NS 7.5.1804…But ask myself which use it has for you?

no, server I’m trying to upgrade is not a VM, and is 7.5.1804. I haven’t a VMs with that release, that’s why I asked you to send me your VM disk, to test upgrade without touching the one is still working. Surely I should install from scratch a new VM with 7.5.1804 release, but I’m not sure i could then install modules I need to replicate it’s configuration

To tryout upgrade paths is a VM you may follow the path as described below to set one up:

You can work from here to newer releases by replacing 7.5.1804 with 7.6.1801, 7.7.1908 or 7.8.2003


I just finished to test the procedure, it looks like it’s working in a 7.5.1804 fresh installed VM without any module. I updated it to 19.9.2009 passing through all the older relases ordered by date.
I’m going to try it in the real server soon and I will post the results