Updates May 2017

Thanks to the hard work of @davidep, we released a bunch of updates on the mail server:

  • Improved web interface for shared mailboxes

  • Fixed public/private access behavior for roundcubemail (thanks to @stephdl)

  • User mailboxes can now be marked as “Local network only”

  • Fix bogus Junk shared mailbox

  • Use group as mail alias destination to ease the creation of distribution lists

  • Messages to user mailboxes can be forwarded to multiple addresses (thanks to @phonon112358)
    Extra releases:

  • new nDPI kernel module which prevents crashes on large installations

  • improved FQDN validator message


Thanks @giacomo for keeping us updated. It’s very helpful for those who not usually follow the github stream

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Great work, @davidep!!! :wink: thank you!