Upcoming NethServer 7.7.1908 release


CentOS project started to build version 7.7.1908, that means we’ll see new packages in the 7.6.1810/cr repository soon. This minor release is the last of “Full support phase” for the 7 branch.

As the upstream cr repository gets populated the CentOS QA phase starts. We can start our QA checks too! http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7.6.1810/cr/x86_64/Packages/

Please refer to the usual docs link to proceed with testing: http://docs.nethserver.org/projects/nethserver-devel/en/latest/development_process.html#minor-release-from-upstream

A couple of things on my todo list:

I know @giacomo has some too!

Please share your TODO list for 7.7!

In the meantime, I configured packages.nethserver.org to allow 7.7.1908 uploads:



Born in August. Codename “Forno”? (Oven, for who not speaks Italian. It has been and keeps being a pretty hot summer)

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It seems there are some packages available now, but I’m not sure we have to wait until their “build N” phase has completed or not…

Who wants to test a yum --enablerepo=cr update run?


let’s try…

Install    2 Packages (+2 Dependent packages)
Upgrade  265 Packages
Remove     1 Package
Total download size: 321 M

tested on a VM with proxy/vpn/Fw/web server:

  • clamd@squidclamav : The service is enabled but is not running
  • c-icap : The service is enabled but is not running
    the VM has only 1GB ram, swap is used at boot but i’m not sure what is the previous status, so going back to snapshot and retry sorry :grimacing:

test2 on same VM:
errors were due to short memory… after giving 3GB to VM, update was ok
only error was in dracut:

microcode_ctl: kernel version "3.10.0-957.27.2.el7.x86_64" failed early load check for "intel-06-4f-01", skipping

test3, update on updated ns7 with VPN and Web Server
no errors in log (only two in dracut)

a quick tour on cockpit and seems all ok… hope to have time to test modules


After rebasing nethserver-dc for arm again lately, I figure this is a good opportunity for further integration of arm in nethserver-dc. :grinning:


A bit of house keeping :innocent:

While getting arm repo’s in par with x86_64, it save to say we can remove :


is there a particular reason x84_64 did not upgrade to duc from 1.4.2 to 1.4.3?
On arm we are using 1.4.3 for quite some time now…

If we update id’ like to open a PR upstream to get rid of the build arch:

duc 1.4.4 is released almost a year ago…

cha: changed license from GPL to LGPL

for version 1.4.4. This could be a lock for update CentOS or RHEL?

Centos nor RHEL dedicates what we install on our systems!

Maybe i was not able to make me understand: could the license change be a obstacle for CentOS or RHEL to update duc to the latest release?

Ah I see, that is no problem :grinning:
We build DUC ourselves, it is not installed from the centos-distro repository.

Both for arm and x86_64?

@pike yes

Laziness: since there are no useful features or important bug fixed, there is no need to update it :slight_smile:

Please go ahead, zevv is very open to PRs!

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it seems Centos 7.7 (1908) is out… centos 8 to be released next week :vulcan_salute:


:mega: packages.nethserver.org repositories announcement

Starting from September 24 automated RPM builds on Travis will upload to 7.7.1908 repositories.

YUM repositories of version 7.6.1810 are staying active for manual RPM uploads until 7.7.1908 Final is released.


just a heads-up:

the centos vault for armhfp and aarch64 7.6 is also populated :+1:
meaning the (ultimate) release-lock should work for arm too :wink:


Always a bit concerned whether we can reproduce on arm, especially 32bit. :thinking:

Without to much toughs wat we need, does it work…etc, this builds on armhfp/x86_64:

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Regarding this, we also need to ship a kernel module as binary package for nDPI.
Is nDPI currently supported in the ARm build? If not, we can safely change nethserver-ndpi architecture from noarch to x86_64, otherwise se should try to find a work around.

No we have not an because on arm we use different kernels, some may (like me) build/use a custom kernel to support their device, it is not maintainable. Same thing with Asterisk (dahdi linux)…

In the past I kept track of the nethserver-packages (and their dependencies) who actually are supported on arm. Hench I occasionally notice the old obsolete packages…

Maybe a item on the 7.7.1908 todo-list subcategory nice-to-have is actual white-listing of noach’s for arm ? :sweat_smile: cc/@davidep

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