Understanding question about NS8

I would like to understand how NS8 works conceptually, but so far I only know that a lot of what were “real” services under NS7 are now “containers” under NS8. This changes quite a bit in the structure of the storage of the configuration files, the storage of the data and the access to the containers, e.g. to execute direct service commands.

Conceptually, where does NS8 put the service data? I would like to mount the corresponding paths (like NS7) on other partitions. Under NS7 that was mainly “var/lib/nethserver” and subfolders. On NS8 there is again the path “/var/lib/nethserver”, but here I see data in the service accounts under “/home” (e.g. /home/mail1).

Where are the (possibly generated) configuration files of the respective services stored (e.g. Dovecot, Postfix etc.)? Under NS7 these were (by default) under “/etc”.

Where is the “database” located, on the basis of which the configuration files are generated? This data used to be under “/var/lib/nethserver/db”. Under NS8 that seems to be Redis? How can I access this under NS8 if I want to see defaults (configuration) or want to enforce my own defaults? Under NS7 it was done via “e-smith”?

For example, how can I run my own command in the container for “mail”, e.g. “doveadm”? Can I continue to create scripts from the base system that access container contents and/or execute container commands?

Unfortunately I couldn’t find anything in the forum about these questions.

Thank you for your answers!

If it is of some help so far here’s the available documentation I’m aware of:

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Thanks very much!