Turkish translation completed on Transifex

I just completed Turkish translation on Transifex so you can pull files into the next builds.


Many thanks @kayazeren for contributing.

I’ll update langpacks next week.

BTW they will be listed on Software Center page soon.

Stay tuned!

Great news man! Thanks very much for your work! Really appreciated :+1: do you want join our translations team?Building Translations Team

Sure I want

Hi @kayazeren, I’ve rolled out the RPMs. To install the Turkish language support for Server Manager type:

yum install nethserver-lang-tr

The Software Center langpack items are still missing: I hope to catch up with this, soon!

@jgjimenezs please could i add @kayazeren to the team list?

I have just wikified the post :smiley:

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Sure. Friend.

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