Trying to install Joomla on NethServer

I fixed it on my end, i used pigsty as a module.


I have following these steps to install joomla:

  1. On Nethserver, I create a shared folder with web acess. (http://myServer/myWebFolder)
  2. I got the mysql root password in “/root/.my.cnf”.
  3. On Terminal, install PhpMyAdmin
  4. Add a few php resources on “/etc/php.ini”.
  5. Copy the joomla structure to myWebFolder
  6. Install joomla, via web browser.

For me, these steps works fine.


You have a module nethserver-phpmyadmin with all automatic configurations

Thanks for your return

That’s a fantastic news! Please, could you write down more details? Which resources did you add on php.ini?
Could you use nethserver-phpmyadmin module? Adding some screenshot?
It might be a helpful HowTo
What do you think @AbsyntH?

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I have a brief tutorial, but is in portuguese. I will translate to english and post here.



Wow I want this :smiley: please paste here your tutorial! So we can work on it…


Links for howto:

English version:

Portuguese version:


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Hi marcello thank for your work.

My 2c

A.When you want to modify php values you have to use the internal command of neth database. It is completely specific to neth but really easy to manage when you will know that. By the way i’m working on a panel to modify these values directly.

For example

config setprop php MemoryLimit 250
signal-event nethserver-php-save

B. If you are root you don’t need to use ‘sudo’

C.And concerning phpmyadmin you have a module in the software center…

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I forgot to add this morning i’m also working on nethserver-phpsettings, search on the forum, a module to adjust only for the ibay specific settings to the ibay.

It is still in beta stage but for what i tested it is workable

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I am trying to integrate Joomla into Nethserver ALCs. I always find LDAP confusion and complecated, can somebody help me?

The following image contains a screenshot of Joomla’s LDAP authentication plugin.

Can somebody tell me what to add to this configuration?

Some doc

And a concret example

In fact you use the user ‘libuser’ and the password is in /var/lib/nethserver/secret

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And another one for

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Hi Stephane,

Thanks for your tips. I am a newbie on Nethserver and I have much to learn.

I used the global “php.ini”, because, in my environment, Joomla load this file and the “/etc/php.d” folder. A management panel to php.ini will be a great tool.

I don’t found PhpMyadmin module in software center.

Yes. I have removed “sudo”…I write because this is a habit.


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No problem Marcello, please read this it is not strictly related to neth but it is workable and when you want to find an event, type 'signal-event ’ (with a space after) and press the ‘Tab’ key, all available events will be printed.

A nethserver is based on a database of keys/properties and these values are used to write configuration files
if you want to see all the database configuration

[root@nethserver-dev ~]# config show |less

but in order to see only php key

[root@nethserver-dev ~]# config show php
php=configuration   <---- KEY
    AllowUrlFopen=1   <----PROPERTY
    DateTimezone=UTC <----PROPERTY
    ExposePhp=0  <----PROPERTY
    MaxExecutionTime=30  <----PROPERTY
    MemoryLimit=32  <----PROPERTY
    PostMaxSize=8  <----PROPERTY
    ShortOpenTag=0  <----PROPERTY
    UploadMaxFilesize=2  <----PROPERTY

and here for example if you want to modify a values

db configuration setprop php MemoryLimit 256
config setprop php MemoryLimit 256

and for multiple properties

db configuration setprop php MemoryLimit 256 MaxExecutionTime 300 PostMaxSize 225 UploadMaxFilesize 220


config setprop php MemoryLimit 256 MaxExecutionTime 300 PostMaxSize 225 UploadMaxFilesize 220

when you modify properties, you have to launch an event, here it is

signal-event nethserver-php-save


signal-event nethserver-php-update    #update is an event more complete launched every time you install or remove rpm

you have no equivalent in the linux world of that concept, or I don’t know them, once you have understood that, it is really simple.

the day where the project will decide where the wiki will be, I can have a go on this type of documentation, and other.

[root@nethserver-dev ~]# rpm -qa | grep -i phpmyad

please read this

but @davidep I believed that now the software center can find nethforge directly without modifications ?

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No worries at all
We’re all here to learn something of new, every single day :wink:

NethForge repository is not part of default NethServer installation. To configure it:

yum install nethserver-nethforge-release
rpm --import  /etc/pki/rpm-gpg/RPM-GPG-KEY-NETHFORGE-6

thank for this clarification @davidep


I updated the HowTo:

English version:

Portuguese version:

Special Thanks to Stephane and Davide.



This is great, love it!
Please can you open new topic called “HowTo install Joomla on NethServer”? Pasting your how to on it? (English version)
Having a plain text howto is better, google likes it more :wink:
Thank you very much! :+1: :+1:

Hi Alessio,

Topic opened: HowTo install Joomla on NethServer

Marcelo Costa