Today I'm working on NethServer

Among other things, Community for me is share what you’re working on, sharing your knowledge, sharing your feelings and working togheter. If you SHARE you could receive feedback from someone else and feel less alone :smile:
There are a lot of people here who are working on NethServer, testing installation, trying new configurations or new modules, developing new features or fixing bugs.
Why not share it? I’m curious about them.
I’m sure that today @davidep is working on something of AMAZING :wink: @Stll0 @filippo_carletti and @giacomo too.

I start first, in this days I’m working on these bugs for release a new SOGo version. Do you want help me testing new packages? :slight_smile: you’re welcome.

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I’m implementing a life-saving feature that should help during inconvenient situations :slight_smile:

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Woah, that’s so cool man! Thanks for sharing it with us :smile_cat:

I’m not working on NS today mate :disappointed_relieved:
But I’m waiting for you to finish your QA on SOGo to package and release it! :rocket:

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I did a couple of easy issue verifications:


Good to know guys, thank your for your updates
And @edoardo_spadoni, what do you’re working on today? Can you speaking about DUC? :smiley:

DUC ( is a tool to visualize disk usage with nice graphic effects. It’s simple to use and very cool :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Just moved the new Logout button enhancement ON_QA state. Who wants to test it on a 6.6 beta1?

yum --enablerepo=nethserver-testing install \
    nethserver-base-2.5.5-50.71.g0c937e9.ns6.noarch.rpm \

I did a bug report, but for me, the night, the weekend and holidays are more prolific…I’m still working on the new http UI


Sounds good, any volunteer? :wink:

@stephdl this is a great work! Thank you for WordPress module and all issues correlated :smile:

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Just a teaser, I need to finish some validators (php_memory_limit > post_max_size and post_max_size > maw_file_size)

The beta is nearly finished, of course I will push the code to my git account and after that you are welcome to comment, for now, I don’t have used shorcuts in the code, it was a first attempt in nethgui

If you think that we can add more settings to apache, please say it.


Woah! That’s awesome :wink: what are you think @giacomo and @davidep? I love this kind of preview!

Congratulations @stephdl! Looks great!

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Call for QA!
I need someone to check those issues before releasing SOGo update:

Any help would be appreciated

@Stll0 I would like to test Active Sync feature for SOGo.
Can I test it on my demo NethServer 6.5 or need to upgrade to 6.6?

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@sitz 6.5 is ok too!

I moved 2 posts to a new topic: NethServer 6.6 rc1 is coming!

Hi @Stll0 I would like to ask few things:

  1. Can I upgrade my currently SOGo 2.1.1 on NethServer 6.5 to SOGo 2.2.16?
  2. When configuring Outlook 2010/2013 clients I have to create a new Exchange account with https link of SOGo server?

I have read the PDF you linked and sems I had to perform a full installation/configuration/tuning from scratch.

@sitz I just verified all issues! New sogo packages will be released for testing quite soon! Just wait a moment… I’ll open a new topic about it.