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(Lutchy Horace) #1

I can’t follow issues without gettting a E-Mail . I’ve seen you guys talked alot about nethsis… I tried to google nethsis and can’t find information on that… That would help on some back ground story …That’s on Twiiter that I am more focus on that…

Welcome to NethServer Community
(Stefano) #2


(Stefano Giraldi) #3

Probably Nethesis must do soon an English version of their site :stuck_out_tongue:

(Lutchy Horace) #4

It freaking seams that I don’t get Email I want

(Lutchy Horace) #5

That is one of the biggest issuse I have complained about

(Alessio Fattorini) #6

Ehi Lutchy, you cant receive email from Discourse? Is that your problem?
Are you using a NethServer as mailserver? Please let us know your configuration so we can help you