Testing the NS6 to NS7 Migration tool

During the Ambassador hangout we had today, the migration tool created by @davidep was discussed. Davide gave some more background info and during this discussion we came to questions like: what will happen if you have a NethServer6 server running with 1 or more modules/packages that are not available through servermanager.
There are many community modules or even only installation howto’s for several applications. The big question will be, WHAT IF… you have an application running on NethServer6 and you wnt to migrate to NethServer 7. What will the tool do with the application.
The only sensible thing is: TEST it before you do a life migration.

In order to get some more insight on what modules and applications can be migrated successfully I would like to ask you all to try migrations of NethServer6 to NethServer7 running different modules and applications and report back if the migration succeeds and if not, what problems you run into.

I do understand that probably most of us already run NethServer7, but in the near future we will face something similar for moving from NethServer7 to NethServer8. Every experience with the current migration tool is important to be able to create a tool for NS7 to NS8 too.

When testing, please update to NS6 latest patchlevel and tell what kind of module(s) and application(s) you have running.


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