Testing category or testing tag?

Actually, you’re right. Sometimes we are used to making testing everywhere so I agree.
I’d like to know what others think, especially our moderators: @dnutan @Jim @stephdl @m.traeumner @dnutan @enzoturri

People can “watch” a tag too not only a category: http://community.nethserver.org/tags/testing

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I think it’s better to simply include each “rookie” as you said in the testimg team.

One or more veteran can be a mentor, and monitoring each new member… and let the motivation and the time do. :grinning:

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I think this is a good idea. And perhaps an option to set all testing-tags to “Watching” for everyone.

Let’s try with this :slight_smile:

That’s a good example, I would move it on #feature (it’s a new feature after all!)
keeping the #testing tag to track it.

They use tag #feedback in a similar manner

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The “testing” category description is

This category is for topics related to testing on NethServer: testing new modules or rpms, discussions about QA on dev.nethserver.org

It could be changed to make aware of new rules, for instance:

  • Do not use the “testing” category, it’s obsolete
  • For “discussions about QA” => use “community” category
  • For “testing new modules or rpms” => use “testing” tag

@alefattorini can you “close” the #development:testing category, preventing its assignment to a thread?

As alternative, we could remove the testing category and massively assign the “testing” tag. But we should select a new category for each thread… It does not seem a good idea!

We can still use “development” looks more appropriate

I was meaning “discussions about quality team: members, procedures etc.”…

More in detail:


Can’t find “About development” pinned topic :stuck_out_tongue:


Discussion about this community, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.


…“discussions about QA on dev.nethserver.org

People involved in an issue tracked by GitHub/Dev post messages in the issue tracker. If the issue is related to a discussion here it already has a category assigned: usually #bug, #feature or #support request.

If the QA discussion is not related to an issue tracked by GitHub/Dev and does not fall in the categories above it’s probably about the QA team, thus #community.

Good, we have to categorize also the new module in testing. I think that #feature is more appropriate than #development

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@dnutan what do you think about? Could you help me tagging all new topics that contain testing operations inside? I would appreciate it