Terminate Duplicity Backup?

NethServer Version: 7.8
Module: backup-data

My last full backup job is going ridiculously slowly. It’s set up using Duplicity (its setup predates the multiple backup options), and it’s currently been running for about 33 hours, and isn’t even close to being done. Last week’s job, before I upgraded my Internet speed, took around 14 hours. The individual data files in last week’s backup have timestamps about 2 minutes apart; the current backup’s timestamps are about 20 minutes apart. I’m not sure what’s going on to slow it down so badly, but I’d like to cleanly terminate it. I can, of course, just kill the duplicity process, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way to stop the backup.

I think that killing duplicity is your only option.

So killing the process did work, but even after restarting it, it’s going very slowly. It’s improving slightly (it’s down to 17-18 minutes/file vs. 20 earlier), but it’s still almost 10x slower than the full backup last week was. But that’s probably a subject for a different thread.