Tell me more about your NethServer installations!


(Mike Visser) #61

I am Mike (new member @mpv) I run a earthing & lightning protection company in Johannesburg South Africa, have for the last 26 years.
Installed my first Smoothwall gateway about twenty four years ago. Moved to IP cop and then employed someone to take care of the IT in the company and he migrated us eventually to PFsense currently.
I haven’t been doing much IT work in the last decade and a half so consider myself a comparative newbie, but pleased that I got the system up and running in probably about 10 hours, scattered over the weekend with interruptions.
My wife and I just moved into a house and I choose to advantage my internet connection so while browsing for a firewall came across NS, felt the compatibility with the project, and started installing on Friday, plugged in red and green Sunday afternoon after testing and things going great.
Next is the wireless service, then the printer, then the balance of configuration.
I realize that there are many items to tweak and configure in the variety of packages I have selected and look forward to exploring the capabilities on offer. I hope I find the right documents to read in the manual, guess I should start the little handbook.
Thanks for the hard work and depth of knowledge you dev guys bring to the party.
Warm regards,

(Alessio Fattorini) #62

That’s what NethServer is all about. It helps you achieve your goals without headaches and “interruptions” :thumbsup: thanks for that