Technitium DNS (and DHCP)

I just leave this here…
…when the team decides to add a real DNS (and DHCP) server. :slight_smile:


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…and if dev team considers adding this to NS, make sure it really also takes over from Samba container (Active Directory) DNS services too.
(in other words a Technitium setup also checks if AD is enabled and takes over AD compliant DNS entries - and the opposite, if AD gets enabled, checks if Technitium is enabled, so that AD entries get there too)
Point is, is Technitium takes over all DNS and DHCP in the network.

Looking over their page, it looks very similar to Pi-hole. What do you see as the difference(s) between the two?

Why is Pi-Hole enabled in NethServer?
AFAIK NethServer implements a very basic DNS that just forwards requests.
(the lack of “real” DNS server has been discussed before in this forum)

In any case Technitium is a full DNS server, so it implements most if not all kinds of records, TXT, SRV etc. (not just A) and can act as authoritative DNS. Not sure if Pi-Hole can do that.
Also Technitium works with DNS-over-TLS and DNS-over-HTTPS.

It isn’t; it’s just another DNS-level ad blocker that (from what I’ve seen) is considerably better-known, and ad-blocking is the headline feature of Technitium:

That was the reason for my question–if the devs were going to implement a DNS-level ad blocker in Neth, there’s at least one other package out there, so it would be worth considering the relative pros and cons. But it sounds like your concern isn’t so much the ad blocking but other DNS features–and I also don’t know whether (or to what degree) Pi-hole supports those.

Current NethServer services rely heavily on dnsmasq. Wouldn’t it be a lot less invasive if you just install Cockpit-Machines addon and fire up a VM and use that as Pi-Hole or Technitions DNS Server?
We already have cockpit and it is a 1 line install (something like yum install cockpit-machines )

If you ask me personally, I don’t have the need to do this Robb, as my Neth is already a VM in my unRAID server. In unRAID server there is already a plugin (I suspect a container) that implements Technitium.

Makes more sense though that my Neth setup would also be my GW and DNS. I see dnsmasq as a real limitation to make Neth a full Win Srv replacement (I migrated to above setup from SBS2011 at home but would also consider it for work), I believe T is a very nice (and admin friendly) DNS/DHCP server.
Also my point (see reply to myself above) is to implement it “properly” (as part of Neth) and take over ALL DNS/DHCP functionality both from Neth itself (dnsmasq) and Samba container (that also implements DNS, but needs Windows tools to actually manage it) - otherwise this will not be the case (and we need to make manual entries and maintain them),.

Indeed ad blocking is secondary (but welcome) functionality. A bonus.
I really think Technitium should become an “app” for Neth.