Additional Software Center Section "Cockpit Modules"

As I just noticed, there are still cockpit modules that can be installed additionally.
I suggest creating an additional Software Center Section “Cockpit Modules” conferrable to Base System, Nethforge and Firewall.

I think what you suggest is already available: it’s called nethforge repository.
This is a repository that contains the non-official (most of them community) modules.
Beware we are in transition times right now. We are moving from NethGUI to NethServer-cockpit. And yes, a lot of applications still need to be adapted to cockpit.
Besides the NethFforge repository there are also several applications that are not a module yet. They are only available through a install Howto (in the wiki) or an rpm that needs commandline installation.
We can use all the help there is to get every possible application turned into a module. So if you want and can help, please do chip in and help yourself, the community and the project by creating new modules.
Thank you for asking this! it’s realy important we all are aware what it takes to be a community driven project.
btw, the cockpit module you point to has nothing to do with nethserver, but is a default module from the cockpit project.