Synology NAS / Disk Station - rsync Backup

Hi together,

I installed an Synology RS819 recently to provide an iSCSI target. I also noticed, that the device offers rsync functionality, obviously, sFTP is employed. By Change: Does anybody use the same / a similar System to run Nethserver backups via sFTP? I do not manage to get the two machines together …

What do I need to enter in the Nethserver mask? Simply the IP, user, Password?
In fact I do not know how to use the Interface, my Questions are a little stupid, e.g. I managed to get the RS819 on my Domain. Now I do not know how to handly some fields in the Nethserver interface, e.g.:

  • SFTP host - is it just the IP or do I need to add sftp:\xxx.yyy.ttt.ttt.
  • SFTP USER - is it “admin”, “\admin”, “MYDOMAIN\admin”
  • Password should be clear … hopefully
  • Directory: How do I get the directory from the NAS? It may be \volumen1\Servername\Direktory or is it \Directory or - sorry - do I need \ or / …?

Thank you for any ideas and experiences …

Screenshot in english => anyone can read and give you suggestions
Screenshot in your own language => Only one that knows your language can understand better what you’re asking.

Yes, you are right, however I can not / do not dare to switch the interface language

I use NFS with Rsync.

I cannot access the Synology admin panel of the NAS remotely at the moment (changing the whole network, I guess the different address of the temporary gateway causes the issue - but strangely still backup works).

Directory in Nethserver (could be shorter):

Hope it helps some.

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From the screenshot it seems like you want to configure Nethserver SFTP to Synology rsync.
In the Synology docs I found there’s an extra option in the FTP tab to configure SFTP.

Hi Markus,

no, this is an “pure sFTP” connection. I already managed to use WinSCP to access the Synology System on Port 22 using sFTP protocoll. Obviously, it is something about the RSA key exchange which is not implemented on the web frontend of Nethserver.

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Hi Charles,

thanks, that was an initial help - I managed to use NFS and I was able to set up an Nethserver Backup on rsync via NFS.

Lets see tonight, how this works.

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I use NFS on several Synologys at several sites for NethServer backup.
All work without problems.

I make a Share (Backup-Neth) and allow NethServer NFS access.
The share path is then:

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