Sugarcrm as module

Hello everyone,

I would like to propose adding Sugarcrm and Citadel groupware to the Nethserver
I respect the opinion of some regarding the Sogo however Citadel is a lot more versatile and powerful.
As for the CRM portion that is missing from Nethserver I vote for Sugarcrm.
Why Sugarcrm is because it will complement the integration of Freepbx onto Nethserver.
For those who would use Nethserver in production it will be indispensable to bundle Sugarcrm + Freepbx
Call logs, email client, conversation log, click to dial and many more.

I kindly request the moderator to create a poll and hope someone can project manage this requested wish/feature request.

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Ehi Tedd welcome here!
Thanks for your post, can I split it? One for sugarcrm And another for citadel? It would help us to keep the feature request clean.

Hey Alefattorini,
Sure you can, as long as we do some progress!
Thank you

We have discussed it many times

Did you try to install sugarcrm on NethServer ?
Can you share some notes?
I’m interested in going deeper :wink:

Not on Nethserver but on ubuntu and other versions of Centos it works flawlessly without issues.
The sugarcrm is on the market since years and it is very mature and solid.
There are several versions of Sugarcrm where the community version is the one we will be interested into.
It is a complete CRM for PME/SMB it has many modules free of charge and some are paid.
I personally would be interested by the Integration with Freepbx or Asterisk, it costs a bit of money but the return is fantastic, also the logs, email integration and contacts are great tools.
There are 2 products (community CRMs) : Sugarcrm and Vtigercrm , both are good and have nice features the Vtigercrm is based on sugarcrm not a forked version but with few features added and bit of a different look. I tried Vtigercrm few years back and did not like it .
Hope my brief was compelling.

I don’t know SugarCRm either. And it would be a good idea to investigate this.
For me, it is important that the modules integrated with NethServer are opensource modules. Not because I don’t want to pay for software, but because I want to be able to see (or let someone else do that for me) what kind of code is used. Also portability of data is one of the things that are a must-have. Otherwise you will fall into the proprietary pit we want to avoid: vendor lock-in.

Besides that, we have seen that bountysource didn’t work: As soon money is at stake for development of modules, the intrinsic drive for the creation of something changes from getting a new module to earning money. IMO this is something we should want to avoid.
I know ClearOS has some modules that are paid. I don’t know the ClearOS community, but I don’t think I would like such a model introduced here in the NethServer community.

I do understand these are modules of a third party and not a NethServer developed. But still, for now it gives me mixed feelings and therefor I would like to know more about this first before deciding if SugarCRM can be added (in the official repo or NetForge repo).

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I have been using Sugarcrm community version for sometime now, upgrade from one version to the other is very easy , I have never had any issues with it. We have purchased the Asterisk connector in order to log calls and keep track of conversations and discussions.
In other words we use the sugarcrm as an alternative for salesforce automation, surely not as powerful as salesforce but useful and very economical.
I forgot to mention another derivative of sugarcrm in the opensource CRM which is the suitecrm
The suitecrm addons are not as rich as the sugarcrm and a lot are paid unlike the sugarcrm where the majority are open source free or charge.
Here is a link with a list of available CRMs , the list is a mixture of commercial and opensource GPL CRM products.

One of the negative points we find in Sugarcrm is the HR addon that is very poor.

Here an extensive list of customer reviews on sugarcrm:

Thank you, I like it… Very rich information

I’m sure that @Fred @medworthy and others would like to jump in!
My aim is collecting some notes in order to install it on NethServer 7 using our brand new virtualhost panel.

I haven’t tried installing it on nethserver but I did install it on a VPS and I remember it was very straightforward - create database, download the files and chown/chmod them, create virtual host and follow the web setup page.

When I was looking at SugarCRM I quickly came across a fork of the project called SuiteCRM. For what I understood, Sugar is limited in the features available and has been stuck in development. SuiteCRM offers closer functionality to the paid version of Sugar and it’s being actively developed with a published roadmap.

Looks great too! Come on guys it’s time to get our hands dirty :slight_smile:

Please refer to my earlier post

I forgot to mention another derivative of sugarcrm in the opensource CRM which is the suitecrm
The Suitecrm addons are not as rich as the sugarcrm and a lot are paid
unlike the sugarcrm where the majority are open source free or charge.