On The Road towards NethServer 7 Beta 1

Done, it will be in the next release of nethserver-base.

All repositories and translations should be ok, this is a GO for the @translations_team :wink:
(Don’t worry @jgjimenezs, your translations from yesterday aren’t lost :wink: )


Damn again :neutral_face:
Just updated, thank you very much!

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Really thanks (and kudos) to @dev_team and contributors.
I just added some bells and whistles to interfaces, but I’m also happy you like it!!:slight_smile:


Sir, Great news to see v7 Beta1 is out as update over already installed v7 alpha3. I want to ask Web content filter and web proxy is back in beta1 or not?

OMG! Would you look at that!



Wow! I never expected Alpha to upgrade to Beta… so do the devs believe that Beta will upgrade to production release?

Not yet on the Software center, but can be installed from console:

yum install nethserver-squid*

Seems to work (quick test, just got a c-icap error). But there might be a good reason for not being in the Software center.

We’re on the road towards the beta… so no beta ISO released yet :slight_smile:


I wasn’t asking about the ISO.

Don’t if we are able to upgrade without reinstall. @davidep or @giacomo or @Stll0 is it possible?

Yes it should be possible because there are no major changes in the ISO package set since alpha3. However I can’t assure the same for any add-on…

About web proxy: I think we forgot to list it! We’ll fix it ASAP!


Great work guys, it’s been a privilege to follow the project this past couple months.

I am ready to deploy 6.8 in a production environment but now I’m wondering if to wait for the official long term release of nethserver 7. The new additions are very welcomed.

One of the best “addons” that I personally found to the project was the ability to install alfresco on it, as per the tutorial here: Alfresco Share 5.0

I wasn’t even aware of Alfresco, and now I cant live without it! The main issue I had with is the minimum 4GB RAM requirement and in the end I had ti install it on a different dedicated VPS.

In the same line of thought, I would like to suggest the inclusion of a couple other pieces of business software that I believe would be a great addition to Nethserver without the need for heave resources:

A CRM solution - after researching extensively all the self-hosted, open-source solutions available, I ended up choosing SuiteCRM; It is largely based in SugarCRM but with a lot of added functionality that brings it closer to SugarCRM Pro 7. This is a great piece of Software and much needed in my opinion.

Another missing business software package is accounting/invoicing. I have managed to deploy an instance of invoice plane, a self-hosted invoice generator that I really like. Invoice Ninja is another open-source alternative but I still haven’t managed to get it working. Webzash is a really simple accounting package that could easily be included as an optional deployment.

Finnally, I’m still looking around for a communication platform to enable web video conferencing. Unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be many open-source self hosted options out there - BigBluebutton was the only one I found interesting but it seems to be very much education oriented. I still think google hangouts beats the competition in this respect and the ability to incorporate google hangouts in the server would be priceless!

My idea is that with the addition of the VirtualHosts panel, it would be very straightforward to include the scripts with a pre-defined vhost configured in sites-available and just easily activate the site by making a symlink to the sites-enabled directory. I’m still quite new in sysadmin and linux, and perhaps I’m oversimplifying the procedure, but no doubt the inclusion of the packages above (or of similar functionality) would be a great addition to the package.

Back to my original point, do you have any kind of ETA for the official release of v.7? If we are talking about a couple months I may wait to deploy it, but if the roadmap aims at an official release for next year i may just go ahead and deploy it now and go through the upgrade process after.

Finally, thank you and many congratulations for achieving an excellent package, I look forward to what the future will bring.


Hi @StreetGuru, thank you for your encouraging words!

The Beta1 release is behind the corner, that means we’re sure there will be a safe upgrade path from “beta to final”. I’m installing Beta1 on some production environments and do some field-tests.

How much time are we spending on beta? It’s hard to say, it depends on how much bugs we find and if they are trivial or not :smile:

Anyway I think two months is a good estimate.


Feel free to open a new topic on it, it looks quite interesting :slight_smile:

@davidep and @Stll0 have already made some tests, it may be a viable option. I’d like to easily add more web app as possible using virtualhosts!

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I’m working on Beta announcement, stay tuned! :slight_smile:


so how can we block websites using url and keywords in nethserver beta1?

Web proxy and content filter are back in the software center. Just update the system.
If they don’t show up, you can do a yum clean all followed by a yum update


I have installed it over centos desktop, able to open the webui of nethserver, but facing issue of unamanaged lan status and internet is not working, even though i still able to access my router’s page. Please head over to support section and read my situation and network setup, the developer who is currently in talk with me is bit advanced, and i am zero in linux :stuck_out_tongue: i have explained the setup in detail to get you close to my issue.