Submitting Ideas and feedback

Another way to contribute to the NethServer Community is by submitting ideas and feedback. Submitting ideas in the Feature Category and giving Likes to other good ideas, is are just a couple of ways we provide you with a voice in what happens at NethServer.

Take a look at Features ordered by likes

While we can’t promise we’ll implement every idea, we can say that we actively monitor these ideas and update them, if and when they come to fruition. Feel free to search for you idea or submit a new one if it doesn’t already exist here.

We have a rough way of adding new modules:

  • Feature request: we can discuss what it is, what features the application brings, what alternatives there are, why you need it and why/how other NethServer users can benefit from the application.
  • Installation howto in the forums: Create a howto that is complete so it can be installed on a default NethServer instance.
  • Create a Wikipage for the application where the howto will be transferred to. Further discussion can stay in the forums.
  • If someone steps up: create a NethServer module as RPM for the module so it can be added to the modules in NethForge repository.

As always, feel free to let us know what you think.

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