SD WAN function

SD WAN function is hot in the market these days. for Nethserver using VrayoSystems/vtrunkd (opensource package as per my info) can bring universal network link bonding and multichannel VPN capability to Nethserver.

what do you think?

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AFAIK, vtrunkd is no longer developed.
I have a working sdwan prototype running on NethServer based on MLVPN (
I can publish my notes and share my configuration if you (or anybody else) want to test it.
I think that the best open sdwan setup should be based on MultiPath TCP (, but it can’t run in NethServer (until the mptcp patch reaches rhel kernel). :slight_smile:


Hi Mr. Fiilippo,
Thanks for your valuable input indeed. Yes vtrunkd is no longer maintained. I will try to setup using MLVPN instead. Let me go through your provided links and will put questions if any.

Adding this feature to NethServer will add novelty and a unique proposition. Also small to mid site service providers may get interested with SD-WAN solution.