Strategic “Spread the word” plan for my project and community

I just write a few lines about my hypothetical strategy, what do you think?


Excellent friend @alefattorini , I personally have been thinking of advertising in my town, and pointed to Flisol, “Festival Latinoamericano de Instalación de Software Libre” I am currently renovating a place of my house to get my administrative office giving a space to NethServer.

NethServer has a very promising future


Hi @alefattorini,

I like a lot… No I love it.

I like to think that I’ve got a little contribution here with my previous threads

I’m 95% agree with what you say on “

The 5% I’m not totally agree is about the Google ADwords, by experience…
You can pay Google to have a good ranking, but another concurrent company, or a concurrent project can pay too. So, the first place isn’t guaranted
And what about adblockers…

In place to pay Google to be in the first page, I think it’s better to make a good SEO tactic for any search engine to put NethServer in the first page, and if really good, in first places.

You can act that you can do both ( good SEO first and Google Adwords ) :wink:


Well written and with good english I must say. All points seem valid.

I’ve got no experience in this field, but some thoughts on it… bear with me. :coffee: :coffee: :coffee:

About advertising:
You can put ads on specialized press, or adwords on sites having related content (on the same field as NethServer) and thus having a targeted audience, praying they don’t use adblockers. But the best advertisements are those done by others: articles on press, blogs talking about NethServer, people sharing news about it on social media… this can be the main goal.

Site refactoring:
Some users want to know an average price range of company services right away. When researching and comparing different solutions they might not take the time to call the company, unless they have tried the product. Some of those user just move on to the next company.

Social Media:
Social media plays a big role too, but its fast-paced nature make things fade away rapidly (short-living content).

Don’t know which is the best approach, but I consider going out there to directly promote NethServer would be a bad move: I’m with the redditors raising suspicion on self-promotion (also voat, similar to reddit).

OK to share new releases, improvements, development status, and even successful deployment on big places like Universities, public institutions (remarking the open source factor). Not so when trying to push it in answers to social media sites or blogs like a spamming bot (short messages like try this, and a link to it… without explaining why it should be taken into consideration or by losing sight on the original question).

On certain social media sites you first have to build yourself a reputation, something to gather in the long term. Avoid talking only about NethServer, let users find its way to it by other means.

  • e.g. sharing news of a new release of owncloud, shorewall, etc. remarking some new features. Later on (days, weeks) letting people know those features have been integrated into NethServer.

  • e.g. letting a comment, from time to time, on the blog post of the tools NethServer integrates, honoring them: i.e. this is a great improvement our users where asking for a long time. We where trying to workaround this-problem in-this-way…/… but now it is as easy as putting this-code-here and those-lines-there. Thanks for your work, we really appreciate it. Also sharing links pointing to those tools in social media (twitter, google+…) even when you don’t comment on them.

  • e.g. an user is having problems configuring shorewall, or hylafax or wathever by its own (on a non-NethServer environment) and you have the parameters she needs: I have it working on a server with these parameters then you post a screenshot of the parameters within NethUI (or within console: config getprop …), or a screenshot of the tool running + NethUI with the parameters. Sometimes just a screenshot of your full screen with a CentOS/NethServer VM running on top of the NethUI (slipping through the corners). This should be a casual thing and must not be abused. No need to say anything about NethServer unless asked.
    Another way, is to directly give the needed parameters: I’ve hylafax configured like this in NethServer: list-of-parameters. Short and concise, no further marketing.

  • e.g. an user asks for a self-hosted mail solution. Let her know a range of options. Over the conversation (it may take days), let her know why you would choose one solution over the other, making valid points. Later on let the user know NethServer offers an easier implementation of that tool, then tell her you are part of NethServer but make it clear your reasoning for NethServer to be considered, letting aside any marketing; in other occasions a short notice would suffice (BTW I’m part of NethServer…:wink:). Don’t insist much on NethServer. Making her aware of its existence would be enough (then NethServer’s main webpage will come into play).

If you didn’t found the right moment to introduce NethServer to an user after giving her some advice and the user didn’t get back to you, sometimes it’s better to leave it like that, without saying anything about NethServer. Sometimes you will find yourself spreading the NethServer word, other times you will be just building up your reputation and trustworthiness by giving good advices: both points are important and should keep a balance.

User criticism about some aspects of NethServer are to be considered in a polite way. Not holding yourself in an immutable defensive position when valid points are made. Show appreciation for her comments, or tell her you will consider them for your project and you would appreciate any other suggestion. If no valid points, you can disagree but don’t get into a fight.

Don’t be afraid to step back or to recommend another product if NethServer does not suit a particular case. This may sound counter-productive for the project, but will lessen selling suspicions and raise the level of trust, as will prove you take care of the user regardless of your company interests (then in the future, other users reading it may consider your project). Try to understand the user putting yourself in her boots.

  • e.g. you have been talking to an user and NethServer has come into the conversation; she gives you more details, telling you she is looking for a multi-domain solution: sad to say we don’t have fully implemented that feature yet, but we’re working on it. As you can see we have been discussing how to handle it (link-to-relevant-thread). If she liked something about NethServer you can offer her to join the community as her opinion will be appreciated. If she is in a hurry and cannot wait for the NethServer implementation: You may take a look at this-3rd-party-tool, it has this feature and that other, but it’s missing this-feature we will cover in the near future with this-other-integration. You can take a crack at it (3rd-party) and see if it fits your needs. I will let you know when we have it ready on NethServer.

All these things just to be done not so much with marketing in mind, but as a natural process where you know where your project excels, where it can be improved and have solid arguments on why it is a good choice over similar options.

  • e.g. All-in-one but modular: the user is not forced to install all the tools, she can cherry-pick them. Extensible: what is not covered by NethServer is covered by the community and extensible through vanilla installs of any tool supported on CentOS. Advanced features and support available on commercial version. User is not tied in.

Another thing to improve might be the blog. Which relates to your thoughts around content, content, content.

Take a look at how Digital Ocean, RoseHosting and other companies (like redpill-linpro’s with the sysadvent posts) make use of it.

  • e.g. How to configure something specific within NethServer.
  • e.g. How to configure something specific in a vanilla linux server, then tell how NethServer can relieve most of the hassle.
  • e.g. Small campaigns on relevant dates showing some tips on linux, NethServer or related tasks.

I know it is not easy to do, even when involving other members of the team, as there are too many things to take care off, and it’s difficult for small companies. A SEO consultant, community manager, or other specialist would have better thoughts on it, and probably some of those things can be left aside for a time of discarted.


  • Site refactoring (page folding, clear and short messages…)
  • Share content on twitter, g+… of articles you liked from 3rd-party sources. On some social networks there are specific channels to target.
  • Create content for the blog and share it through social networks. Set keywords on blog articles.
  • Spread the news on digital press.
  • Know the products competing with NethServer.
  • Working close with the developers of other tools of interest (WebTop, nextcloud…)

Is this effective? I have no clue. Just thinking out loud, so there may be bad ideas as well. :upside_down:


Yes, all these tips are good advices.

If @alefattorini make investigations on SEO, he will discover and learn how to make a good strategy :wink:

I had learned this with Joomla and how to expand on Internet !!!:grin:

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I would like to comment the Page Folder Concept.

Since two or three years, the main way to access internet in the world, is mobile access (smartphone or tablet ), not PCs.
For this reason webmasters and webdesigners in general attempt to simplify web page:

  • No more content on three rows or more: one or two row(s) max. Simpler to zoom on smartphone.

When you have these tips in mind, you easily understand why the parallax design is so good actually,
No need a responsive design that give really different result depending on the screen size…

@alefattorini all yours recents tweets are resume in this precedent point :sunglasses:

And, for this reason, I always said the actual best page is the “learn more” page.
With this one, you understand that Nethserver is versatile and modular.

A second point, a strong Nethserver force that isn’t on the main site is the webinterface ( which mean: No X windows server, no desktop ) deserve to be presented.
With this point you can communicate about the easy of use, efficient ressources use, easy administration.

With these two points, you have lot of stuff to make:

  • A good marketing plan,
  • an adequate communication,
  • a good SEO plan.

In brief, a good plan to spread the world.
With time, you add other points for multiplicate “angles of attack”… expand communication.

You can resume:


Take a look on this site, it’s near a perfect site:

  • It’s a story line…
  • Technicaly, it’s well balanced between images, animations, films.
  • Technically, de “right bar” is the scroller bar and menu…
    The only backdraw, in my ownw opinion is the slow scroll velocity, a little more speed could be better.

But, this site, is a really good site to study, ( the storytelling, the message, the technic, the rendering…)

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Sorry for the late response, I gonna try to answer to all your thoughts

Are you planning to participate? When? Do you need help to advertise NethServer?

Indeed, your topics helped me a lot and yes I’d like to do both: Adwords and SEO optimization

Man, you’re not telling me something. Your insights are too accurate… it looks like you have already done my job :slight_smile:

Good point, as a matter of fact I meant this when I mentioned press relations and social media strategy.
I think you have strong opinions!

I have some ideas on this, maybe I can make a post here about a list of blog posts. You are suggesting me to involve other members… yeah! Would you like to help me? I always need someone to cooperate with and to share ideas concerning those issues. Maybe we can found also some consultants.

Working close with the developers of other tools of interest

This is always our aim, for instance, NextCloud could open a great opportunity if we’re able to work close with them.


Awesome, I’m looking at this “Parralax design”. Cool!

You’re right, I’d like to merge “home” and “learn more” pages

Got your point, I’ll add it.

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The next event will be in 2017. I am planning to participate and yes, I would love to get some publicity for that time if you can, if not some designs to make advertising here


I’m joined this initiative.

We can do a great crusade of NS in some of the 24 states of Venezuela if our people of the School Intranet learn to manage Nethserver.

The Flisol is a simultaneous event in Latin america that day, by which we ensure two cities:

  1. Punto Fijo: @jgjimenezs.

  2. Caracas: @apradoc, with @avalon_linux and @josean7link.

And potentially another cities may be

  1. Miranda: @yondergb

  2. Monagas: @josenayala77

  3. Delta Amacuro or Amazonas: @arisobulo

  4. The brothers of the tribe Caciquitxs, in other cities, that will be added soon, or that I have not mentioned. In the latter case I apologize.

Of advance all of us will be committed to the presentation of Caciquitxs GNU/Linux that is prepared from these moments. Fortunately, the project School’s Intranet is part of the Educational Program Caciquitxs and can perfectly Nethserver be presented next to it.

Then, get to work brothers! :v:

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Just stumbled across a RedHat’s article about Software Releases and thought to share it here:

Related content (some offer small tips, others try to sell you a service…):

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I played with Social Media recently and I found an audience that I didn’t know we had. Many guys around (not members) who are following us and NethServer news.

That’s interesting, how can we track them here?

Another great advice, unfortunately I can’t be anywhere :frowning: I need your help with this!

Wow that’s smart :slight_smile:
which one of you is used to visit and participate in other forums / mailing lists related to NethServer modules?

May we write a document for helping people to advertise NethServer out there? What do you think? We’re collecting a lot of interesting approaches here, starting from them would be awesome.

People like @ostechnix could help with his expertise here.

A recent inspirational example:

Throughout the month of December, we’ve highlighted a few of our fellow travelers on the road to Internet freedom in a series of blog posts titled “Tor at the Heart.” We wanted to show some of the many other projects out there and their connection to us. Just like a heart, Tor helps to fortify these projects as they provide Internet freedom around the world.

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I do like that, something like “Tell how NethServer is helping you”. sadly I didn’t find any writer so far.
I won’t give up!