Stand alone tool for data gathering


I use excel sheets for clients to fill out. This is pretty old school, so I am looking for a stand alone tool that can gather data in an interactive way, with examples and explanation if required per question or variable input. It should be usable stand alone and gathered should be exportable. Not a cloud based solution, but stand alone

Any ideas , suggestions please?


[UPDATE} The tools of choice has become Orbeon Forms. Please see the wiki page



A PDF Formular is pretty much standard, at least here in Europe even with state institutions…

Can be used on PCs, Macs, Linux, BSD and Android, iOS…

My 2 cents

Thanks Andy, unfortunately I have to gather also tech data. As an example let’s say describe a whole network including subnets, reasoning DHCP, VLAN’s, Routers etc etc.

And I should be able to send it back and forth (co-editing not possible)


It’s almost like you’re describing my network dokumentation table… :slight_smile:
Ant that’s still in a spreadsheet format to this day… Only now not only XL, but also OpenOffice…


At least the offline Version… The Online Version is database based…

I am looking at something like kobotoolbox, but do don fully understand the licensing and stand alone working etc.

and here is an interesting one

Looks interesting, but doesn’t seem to support iPhone / iOS.
In Switzerland iOS has the most market share (!)
And a WebInterface is NOT “Offline” data collection…

For the Apple World, FileMaker has something similiar, but is too expensive, with FileMaker Server…
I had to do something similiar in the past for a client using FileMaker already - so no extra costs for the client…

Yeah, correct. Please see my additional note on formtools above. Snuk it there mid air

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I don’t quite see how formtools could be used Offline - and seems to be a single Dev project, a little risky for the future… (Seeing the posts about working on other projects in the blog).
But does look neat…

Yeah, my worries too

Hello All,

I too am looking to save data we currently use in a spreadsheet for some small tasks in our office. We’ve created a couple of spreadsheets with simple formula’s in some of the fields. The operator inputs data into about 7-10 fields and the formulas help determine what they need. I was hoping to find a simple web based database I could use from within either Nethserver or Nextcloud but so far I’ve not found one that suits my needs.

So for now I’m serving up the spreadsheet in Nextcloud > OnlyOffice whereby I can share the spreadsheet with the specific operators. My next step is to add some VBA code to the spreadsheet to add in some simple form fields. OnlyOffice does not provide me a way to protect cells with formulas in them but I see that OnlyOffice allows for the use of .XLSM files.

As @Andy_Wismer would say…just my two cents! :slight_smile:

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Would it be possible to create a webform with something like wordpress forms plugin?

For my usecase I’m not familiar with creating webforms in wordpress. Does Nethserver have this option? The big thing for our office is to be able to save the data entered into a database, put forumulas around some of that data entered and ideally to be able to create a summary or report of the results. Agreed this is not something out of the box but I was hoping to find a tool to help me build the above requirements.

But this isn’t my thread so sorry @LayLow, please provide your comments/requirements.


@greavette sounds like is a possibility for you.

I myself am looking for sort of a excel alternative where the sheet needs to filled by various persons and have a pretty look and feel. For a long time, a spread sheet is the tool to go to for such tasks (and send back and forth with new revisions), but I want something new for this easy task compared to what spreadsheet all can do.

There a re options available (commercials) through web, but many times a technician will take a spreadsheet off line and read fill out in another place and once done, send it via email back.

Next to that is that I have several ‘clients’ that may not see the forms of another and we have to take into account GDPR, Schrimms II and ePrivacy.

Just sharing thoughts here!


That does not look so bad…
To me it looks like your missing a php database interface, you may try to install php-mysql (this should also pull in php-pdo).

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yum install php-mysql
chown apache:apache cache
chown apache:apache upload

And off we go


Ok, now for something I did a looooong time ago:

username and password, how to handle them again pls?


Option 1: Use PHPMyAdmin from Stephdl (Nethserver Modules)
Option 2: Good old CLI…

[root]# mysqladmin create formtools
[root]# mysql --user=root  mysql
mysql>GRANT ALL ON formtools.* TO formtoolsuser@localhost IDENTIFIED BY 'yourpassword';
mysql>flush privileges;

Hope this helps “refresh” old memories… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents


Yup, spot on!