Some Nextcloud menus throw Internal Server error but not all of them

I recently had to reinstall my Nethserver box. I have configured Nextcloud and I also managed to use my secondary HDD for data but for some reason, some of the menus throw Internal server error.

The file management is working perfectly, I can download, upload, move files but if I go to my profile and click on the Sharing menu for example, it shows Internal Server Error with my wallpaper, not just the text.
It happens with Sharing, Activity, Mobile and Desktop, Flow, Accessibility and for some reason, I can’t install other apps because it only shows me My Apps, Active Apps, Disabled Apps and App Bundles and no other options for installing other apps.

Does anyone have any idea why it is happening?

Are there relevant errors in /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud/nextcloud.log ?

Did you restore Nextcloud and data with the backup/restore procedure or is it a fresh installation?

Unfortunately there is no any useful error in that file. The last error is 3 days old.

It’s a fresh install. I had many issues restoring config files even on the system itself.
I reinstalled Nextcloud several times to get my secondary drive working properly as the data drive.

Sometimes apps could lead to errors, if you installed apps you may try to disable/uninstall them.

The problem is I didn’t install any additional app on Nextcloud. I only edited the php.ini file to change the max upload file sizes and the nextcloud config file to change the data directory and the database. (I recreated the database as well)

I think it would be easier to not change the data directory:

Why did you change the database?

It wasn’t able to connect to the restored database, don’t ask why. So I had to recreate nearly everything.

In the past, I mounted the other HDD to the directory of Nextcloud but now for some reason, it changed directory to /usr/share/nextcloud. The only way I could get it working was to mount the drive to a different folder and than point nextcloud to that folder.

Nextcloud is located in /usr/share/nextcloud but the data is located in /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud

That is weird. The data folder is in the /usr/share/nextcloud
In the var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud, there is no data folder.

Previously, before the reinstall, I know the data was in the right folder but now, it’s in the /usr directory.

Is /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud still accessible and are the permissions correct?

By default nextcloud package has data directory under /usr/share/nextcloud.
nethserver-nextcloud customize it for nethserver to /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud. Do you have the latter package installed and a dedicated application menu on cockpit server-manger?

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Yes, the owner is apache.

I have tried installing it with just yum install nextcloud and with the cockpit manager as well. For some reason, if I try to install it with cockpit, it shows error but without any error code. The strange part is that Nextcloud shows up in Applications and I can set the virtual hosts and see the logs, version number etc…