Nextcloud storage on separate volume

I would like to put nextcloud data folder on a separate logical volume. Is there a suggested “proper” way to do that so future updates won’t break?
I thought about two approaches:

  1. Mount the new LV to /srv/nextcloud and create a symlink in /var/lib/nethserver to it. or
  2. Mount the nextcloud LV directly to /var/lib/nethserver/nextcloud
    Or any other (better) way to accomplish the goal.

Please advise.

NethServer Version: NethServer release 7.7.1908 (final)
Module: Nextcloud 18


I’d try using 1. first, if that doesn’t work, 2. should…

Check % verify permissions are correct for nextcloud users, and double-check your backups (Meaning try a restore!)!

My 2 cents

I have used option 1. And included /srv in data-backup.
Thank you.

But custom partition need to be manually created into the “new server” in case of restore… Am I wrong?

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That’s right, you need to manually recreate that partition / mount.
Only than would a full restore work.

Maybe this can be improved…

That’s one of the reasons i like virtualizing my servers, like NethServer. Almost online enlargement of Disks, usually only quick reboot needed, and the disk is larger. Big advantage: all is in one piece. NethServer can handle the backups and restore as usual, no changes there.

My 2 cents

The reason for separate partition is that I give my users way more quota than I have disk space. If they decide to fill it up I might end with full root partition. I have really bad experience with full XFS root partitions ultimately destroying the whole filesystem. Never want to experience that again.

Everybody choose it’s own poison…
I see the needs you’re speaking about, but jeopardize a full server for make people happy (people who don’t buy bigger disk) it seems not a good choice.