[SOLVED] PPPoE and Web proxy issues

Hi everybody,

I encountered the following situation:

I have a PPPoE Internet connection.
When I try to use Web proxy in “Transparent mode” or “Transparent with SSL” in conjunction with “Block HTTP and HTTPS ports”, after I press “SUBMIT” button I receive an error message at the end of the task (please see the “Task error” attached picture).

After many tries, I observed that the error appear only if I have PPPoE connection (please see attached picture). If I configure NIC with fixed IP, I have no errors.

Thank you in advance for help!
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Hi, show pls :
cat /etc/shorewall/zones

Hi Nas,
This is now.
I will reproduce the task and I will show you the file just after the error.

Thank you!

cat /etc/shorewall/hosts
cat /etc/shorewall/interfaces

Just after errors?

Pictures for zones and rules just after errors:

so where is PPPOE zone ) find it :slight_smile:
have you update your instalation ?

cat /etc/shorewall/hosts

so no pppoe zone , that is why errors persist.
have you update your system ?

If there is no pppoe zone, how the NS works?

The system is up-to-date.
I made all the updates just after first login. After that, I began the configuration of the NS.

db networks show

and show /etc/shorewall/policy

so there is a bug in

edit line 31
next if ($role eq ‘’ || $role eq ‘red’ || $role eq ‘slave’ || $role eq ‘bridged’ || $role eq ‘alias’ || $role eq ‘pppoe’);

and try to recreate.


It works!

Thank you!

i should make fork on GIT :slight_smile: thanks for testing

You should!

Thank you for help! :beers:

already forked. You should make custom template for this file , coz while dev team add it to distro may pass some time.
mkdir -p /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/shorewall/rules
cp /etc/e-smith/templates/etc/shorewall/rules/90squid /etc/e-smith/templates-custom/etc/shorewall/rules/90squid