[SOLVED] NethServer 6.7 Beta1 - DHCP server module

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Hi Filippo,

Which version of NS has this module?
I use now NS 6.7 and I don’t see this (If I remember right, neither in version 6.6).
I have configured NICs for RED, GREEN and ORANGE and in DHCP module can be enabled only for GREEN (eth0 - green) and only for IP range start → IP range end, without Advanced options.
I understand that if I don’t have BLUE interface, there is no DHCP for BLUE.

Below are some screenshots with my installation.

Did I miss something?

Thank you in advance,

the QA for advanced options in dhcp it’s closed, and the package released as update for 6.6 (i don’t know why it’s not on 6.7, maybe because 6.7 is in beta)

you could try to install it manually

for dhcp on blue, it is on qa/testing…

and here: Enhancement #3238: Configure DHCP on VLANs - NethServer 6 - NethServer.org
and let us know how it works on 6.7

if you have also a 6.6, and if you have some time… feel free to test it and report on redmine :wink:
maybe could be useful: Template for the verification process in redmine (QA)


@dz00e is right: the latest updates to 6.6 are still not released for 6.7 beta1.

I’ll push them ASAP! :pray:

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Hi dz00te,

Thank you for your detailed answer!
I will try tomorrow on VirtualBox.

Hi Davide,

I will try tomorrow on IBM NS 6.7 Beta1.
Thank you!

I will keep you informed about this.

Good night to all!

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This is a clear example how QA makes you some kind of expert, does it? :sunglasses: :sunglasses:

Now the 6.7 repository has the latest updates from 6.6. mirrors are syncing.

yes, certainly doing qa / testing allows you to learn more about the project day by day “without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star” :grin:



@alefattorini, I want @dz00te to be a rising honris-causa NethServer Super Member !

He does not need to candidate himself :blush:

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Hei @dz00te you should try, you might get lucky!

EDIT: that’s a great article, I write down a list here, do you have anything to add?

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Hi everybody,

After latest updates for NS 6.7 Beta1, thank you Davide, the DHCP server module is complete (tested on dedicated server IBM xSeries 346, unattended ISO installation, NS as UTM).

Next step: test for NS 6.6 on VirtualBox - dz00te request.


Hi everybody,

I have tested on NS 6.6 installed on VirtualBox.

DHCP server module is fully featured from the beginning (after first login I have installed from Software center only DNS and DHCP server package), of course only for GREEN.

After I have configured NS as UTM, adding RED, ORANGE and BLUE NICs, I had DHCP server and for BLUE.

After that I made all updates and of course the DHCP server is fully featured for GREEN and BLUE.

(Usually, I make all updates just after installation and then configure the rest)

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great work @GG_jr, i’ve set as verified also on redmine… tnx.



Just released for 6.6, tomorrow it will be available from all mirrors.

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Hi Giacomo,

Tested on NS 6.6, new installation from scratch: Passed!

Kind regards,

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