(solved) How to train rspamd filter

NethServer Version: 7.5.1804 (final)
Module: RSPAMD
I copied several spam messages into the junk folder but rspamd does not show anything.
How is it supposed to work?
Ordinary email-user, no admin, Outlook 2007 and Thunderbird (IMAP), copied messages from /inbox/Spamtests into /junk
“Move to “Junk” folder” is activated, no group spamtrainers exists
incoming mails get filtered, rspamd Hístory shows them, incoming Junk mail got moved to /Junk
fresh nethserver install, packages email and sogo installed, updates installed
Any help?

Hi Uwe,

welcome to Nethserver Community.

It should work as supposed, I am afraid the problem here is Outlook and it’s weak IMAP implementation.

I tested spam learning now with roundcube webmail and thunderbird mail client, both working, rspamd shows a higher count of learned mails.

I tested with Outlook 2016 and it doesn’t sync the junk folder. In Outlook everything looks good but in roundcube and thunderbird I didn’t see a change when moving mails to junk folder in outlook, even after restarting it.

I read about that Outlook syncs “slow” and some hints to make it faster:


Hello Markus,
thank you for your answer
I must admit you’re right. After I did copy some spam in Roundcube into the Junk folder the learned count increased and now the same thing also workes in thunderbird. (It really did not before, maybe a problem of what comes first?)
So I may go on in evaluating nethserver, I really like it.


I have had similar problems with Outlook 2013 IMAP sync. I had two Outlooks with the same mailbox. One Outlook could see all mails at send directory (the mails that are written at this Outlook and the mails are written at the other one), but the second Outlook only could see the mails that are written on itself.
After removing the profile at the Outlook that could see all the mails in the sent directory everything works fine.

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