How do I teach rspamd?

NethServer Version: 7.5
Module: rspamd / email

Sorry for stupid question:

I run several internal server e.g. freenas, hardware VOIP box and some more. All of the tell me “critical” events by eMail. All of them use Nethserver as an SMTP relay agent (allow relay from thrusted networks).

Is there any option to tell Nethserver / rspamd that such e-Mail (from internal networks) is not spam? I am asking as I send dozends of testmails from my phonebox to me. I move them from spam to inbox but rspamd does not learn …

How do a teach respamd in general? From zentyal all I need to do was to replay any e-mail to ham@mydomain.tld. or spam@mydomain.tld.

At them moment I keep moving mail from spam to inbox, but … maybe there is some to consider:

e.g. my VOIP box sends notifcation on calls to me and my wife. such mail ends up as spam in both spam folders of each mailbox - what happens to the spam score if I move from spam to inbox while my wife does not? The same arises for mail send to shared mailboxes: Do such boxes have an spam folder, too?

What happens when I move a mail from spam to inbox, but delete it immedialty (as I have noticed the respective event)? Is the time enough for rspamd to learn?

I guess the function “Thumb up” within SoGo meets the criteria train rspamd (aka to move the email from spam to the inbox).

What happens with mail send to root@mydomain.tld which is forewared to me@mydomain.tld - does rspamd act in the same way?


I try to answer some of your questions:

That’s the right way.

A message can only be flagged one time. If the same message is flagged multiple times, it will not affect anything as the dynamic tests have already been trained by that message.

You may check the score of the spams in the web UI. It depends on the mails of your VOIP box too.
It’s also possible to whitelist the mail address of your VOIP box by creating a rule in the e-mail/filter settings.

Yes, you can see if it learned live in the rspamd web UI. There’s a counter for learned mails.


There’s a problem if you do it with Outlook. You could have a look here:

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