SOGO not working


No other ideas???

what is the output of

systemctl status sogod

could you explain better what are the issue you have, with a screenshot of the error you see for login

[root@diener ~]# systemctl status sogod
● sogod.service - SOGo is a groupware server
Loaded: loaded (/usr/lib/systemd/system/sogod.service; enabled; vendor preset: disabled)
Active: active (running) since Wed 2020-01-15 21:33:16 CET; 4 days ago
Main PID: 6785 (sogod)
CGroup: /system.slice/sogod.service
├─ 3591 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6785 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6789 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6792 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6793 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6794 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6795 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6797 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─ 6798 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
├─16315 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…
└─24071 /usr/sbin/sogod -WOWorkersCount 10 -WOPidFile /var/run/sogo/ -WOLogFile /var/log…

Jan 15 21:33:16 diener.mds4u.local systemd[1]: Starting SOGo is a groupware server…
Jan 15 21:33:16 diener.mds4u.local systemd[1]: Started SOGo is a groupware server.

unhandled error reply, try again.

I do get Mails via Activesync on outlook, but very slow, takes half an hour for a mail to show up in outlook. On android I get an error too.
I still think it’s a timeout problem…

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probably but due to another cause I bet

SOGo relies on

  • dovecot to retrieve email and browse them (not sure it is related :-?)
  • mysql to store rendez-vous, contacts, and users settings (could be the problem)
  • smtp to send email (not sure it is our guilty)
  • ldap to login (yes it could be a cause)
  • activesync to allow sync on remote device (I do not know)

something is wrong in this association

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A new version of SOGo is available, you should test it, if it doesn’t fix you issue, you should ask a support by SSH to fix your issue.

yum update sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing -y

Didn’t work, same problem.
I still think it’s not SOGo but the web-server, proxy, ip config or such…
Who wants to get on my server and look for the error?

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With Outlook 2019 didn’t work also, i tried to delete, than restore, Mails. In Sogo Mails were there, but not in Outlook.

What i did, deleted ost file, and then all Mails were there, but imagine if you have 20GB Inbox, with subfolders.

@stojovski IMVHO this is not related to SOGo, but how Outlook behaves as IMAP Client.
Signaling my and your post for split.

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I think also that that is Outlook problem

How have you setup outlook to synchronize mail, contacts and calendar?

Do you use imap and card-/caldav ?
Or just active-sync?
Or a combination of the above?

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Only ActiveSync

do not know your starting point, in general this is a bit of a known issue:

If a client has mail (or contacts / appointments) before a activesync connection was setup and the server also contains these items they do not get syschronized. As if the “link” between the item on the client (outlook) and the server does not exist…

Unfortunately have not found a solution for this , other in the line as you did:

make a backup of the ost file

  • If the items are present on the server start with a new ost file and let activesync/outlook pull in all items
  • If there are no items on the server (new install) start with a new ost file, restore al items from the ost backup and let activesync/outlook push all item to the server.

Also note: You need a valid certificate to let outlook work reasonably smoothly .


I will try, thx, but i still think, that this is an Outlook problem, certificate is valid, letsencrypt. Somethimes with IMAP, at some accounts, i have to repair Office, than works again. Thunderbird had never such a problems

Outlook is not very open, in it’s core it is a frontend / client for M$ exchange which stores item as MAPI (no not a typo) objects. However M$ extended quit a lot on this standard making it impossible to provide a alternative mapi-server as backend.

With active-sync one can “glue” outlook to other backends, the only one I found to be really reliable in this setup is Kopano as backend for z-push.
But kopano is a “all in one” solution not an extension for a (nethserver) mail-server.

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I am good with Nethserver, till now everything works, and stable. Sometimes can be problems, but not very big. What i miss is only search in backups, works with a new interface, but not very well for Mails.

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