Sogo and Outlook locale Domains

I have added the nethserver to the AD and so he gets the local Dömane xxx. local in the registration, now I would like to use an internet domain to send mails from xxx. local to xxx. local. de, this is also possible via web in Sogo, after I changed the address of the user from xxx. local to xxx. de. Sending via the Smarthost works acu via IMAP/SMTP only not via Outlook with Activesync, there we still use the xxx. local, no matter what is set on the client, where can I configure it? Can I change the default domain in Sogo to one of my own domains, or what is the best way to solve it?

Hello @kunstlust,

which Outlook clients are you using? Not all Outlooks support activesync.

I think, you’ll need multiple identities or mail alias to support your domains, but there are problems with Outlook and Sogo:

I think best workaround is to use IMAP.

I am using Outlook 2013, but unfortunately the mail via imap is not an option, because we also want to use Iphone and Android to share contacts, the same problem exists here, I mean in the Sogo. conf it is possible to specify a domain. I only have two domains, one because of the AD and the users and an internet domain for mail comminution.

Did you try Webtop? Supports identities and Activesync.

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Now is working

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Version 7.5.1804

The problem still exists, unfortunately I had forgotten it and had to search for some time, because it only occurs in connection with SOGO /Activesync and Outlook. The X-Envelope-From: is set to the local domain, so the mails don’t come back and neither the recipient nor the sender will know about it, because they are sent back to a non-existent domain. e.g. Via SOGo Webmail this is no problem, as long as I change the address on in the SOGo user. With aliases and a second DNS domain, this also works with Imap, because there the Envelope-From: is used by the client, why doesn’t it work with ActiveSync from Outlook and has to be created with Genericmaps? Isn’t it possible to bind ActiveSync to a domain? Or even better the mail address used in Activesync will be used as long as it is allowed?

In short,
It is not possible to have different AD_domain- and ActiveSync_mail_domain-name with our configuration. :unamused:

The main underling reasons are:

  • For user account information SOGo exclusively relies on the content of the accounts provider e.g. user account content of the Active Directory. SOGo does not support (internal) identities resulting out of design philosophy user accounts shall be administrated on a central place.
  • Aiming to be a single office solution Nethserver does not store email aliases in the AD account provider. To be accurate it does not store any email information; The userPrincipalName, defaulting to username@AD_domain, is used instead.
  • ActiveSync is a single account solution and does (AFIAK) not support identities, This does not mean it can’t use a different domain-names for user -account and e-mail. As said above our configuration does not provide this.

Although your wish/demand does not stand on itself, it turned out to be a complex functionality.

The tree grows quickly if one goes through to all possible configurations and exceptions one need to catch if this functionally would be implemented. It’s like a pandoras box which stayed close. :zipper_mouth_face:

This being said,
I do not think it is completely impossible if you accept to manage your user accounts with other tools then Nethserver offers. (like M$ RSAT). It may be necessary to change your AD-schema to be able to store e-mail (aliases). If all is set you may use the CustomEmailField setting of nethserver-sogo to use an alternative email address field (AD-entry).
I do not know if someone actually succeed doing this kind of setup and it does not appeal to me to manage user accounts with another tool.

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Many thanks for this not so short overview. I understand, that not everything is possible. it disturbed me already at sme server, that the domain should be the same in the internet.
would an extension of email and postfix not be conceivable, which would rewrite all mails so that all outgoing mails are brought to a certain domain? This could be set in the alias of the user. This would also be independent of what you have in mind.