SoGo 4 into Nethserver?

@stephdl Do you know something about it?

Released just 9 days ago, give him some time
Which is the disruptive feature on the v4? :slight_smile:

just got a meeting with @davidep, we agreed on let sometime and focus now on gdpr, but it is on my todo. Give them some days to stabilize their product.

don’t read the changelog, but activesync has been enhanced


Do you have secret meeting with @davidep and you talk about NethServer future? I’d like to be a dev in another life :wink: :wink:


yum update sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

just testing on a VM, looks good so far, who wants to break his server :slight_smile:

edit: one issue with addressbooks, my server is crying :smiley:

[root@prometheus ~]# cat .my.cnf 
# ================= DO NOT MODIFY THIS FILE =================
# Manual changes will be lost when this file is regenerated.
# Please read the developer's guide, which is available
# at NethServer official site:

retrieve the password above and launch the script

[root@prometheus ~]# /usr/share/doc/sogo-4.0.0/
Username (root): 
Hostname ( 
Database (sogo): 
This script will ask for the database password twice
Converting c_content from TEXT to LONGTEXT in the sogo_user_profile table
Converting c_mail from VARCHAR(255) to TEXT in Contacts quick tables
Enter password: 
Enter password: 

you have to launch manually the script, we should incorpore it in nethserver-sogo

activesync looks promising, indeed you can sync several calendars, need to check for adressbooks

edit: activesync with several addressbook and calendar

Agreed that it is recommended to let SOGo4 get ironed out the first bugs before even attempting to integrate it in NethServer.
note on integration: upgrade path from SOGo3.x?

just launch the script /usr/share/doc/sogo-4.0.0/ but I need to check before, I fear that some guys get their adressbook broken. It should not be much annoying for us because we do a backup of sogo settings/calendar/addressbook each night…of course it is a last resort

Db upgrade? Did they drop json in SQL in random table names?

I installed it on a fresh VM. I am actually syncing mails via EAS to my Android mobile, calendars and contacts are working in first tests. :sunglasses:

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# This script only works with MySQL - it does:
# 1- updates c_defaults and c_settings to longtext in the sogo_user_profile table
#    to avoid truncation of data at 64k
# 2- increase the c_mail column to text to contact quick table
# 3- add the c_hascertificate column to contact quick table

not an expert, but I mean no

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yum update nethserver-sogo sogo\* sope\* --enablerepo=nethforge-testing

it should be good, please test and report

  • first installation
  • upgrade from 3.2.10 to 4.0.0

the migration path concerns the addressbooks so please create several entries before to upgrade

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I only asked if he knows something :joy:

But @stephdl is very very fast.


bump, @quality_team

Error getting repository data for nethforge-testing, repository not found

Installation worked like a charme.
Mailaccount are present and o.k.
Calendarevents are present.
Sorry had no entries in adressbook.

I’ll play a little bit and report if something occurs.

Perfect job @stephdl as always! Thanks a lot! :sunny: :+1: :beers:


looks good to me, great work @stephdl :grinning::+1::+1:

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all addressbooks are there, same for calendar ?

would say YES, no problem till now from outlook, android, ios and webgui so far