Possible to re-share web calander? or other options


Current Nethserver with all updates installed.

I’m just trying to see if this is even possible, I have scoured the forum and SoGo lists and can’t seem to get an answer.

I am using jEvents on Joomla to publish the training schedule for my fire department. I am able to export the calendar and using the SoGo calendar on Nethserver I can add the ical and can view the current schedule when logged into SoGo, updates appear like they should. I would like all my fire department members see courses and schedule using the calendar on their phones (outlook application) without requiring login to the website.

My questions:

  1. Is it possible to re-share a Web Calendar in SoGo for all users to see? or…
  2. Is it possible to merge a Web Calendar to a specific users SoGo calendar that any member can subscribe too??


off topic question… are there plans to integrate SoGo 4 into Nethserver?

Shared calendars work between users. afaik, it is not possible to share a calendar to non-users. So your fire dptmnt should all be on SOGo for this to properly work afaik.

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On the old versions of sogo you were able to share a calendar in public with a public ics link, adding an authentication as well. I don’t know if the last version has deleted such feature

Public is still an option, I would expect that to be domain-public tho … I assumed this much :stuck_out_tongue:

If public means: anybody who can browse to it, then that still works, and I need to re-configure :stuck_out_tongue: