Software Center Empty

I have an install of NethServer where Software Center is doing nothing:

Any ideas where to look or what to check to find out what’s happening? I don’t see anything in the logs after checking for updates… but maybe I’m not looking in the right place.


You give few information…

Try to ping something i.e:
And try a yum update in the CLI

How did you install? on a CentOS minimal install?
What version? 6.5? 6.6? 6.7? 7.1?

I want more details

LOL… It’s 6.7 final on a hardware appliance. It was just installed a few days ago using NethServer ISO.

Try to flush the cache(s)

The Squid cache…

And the Yum cache:

And try yum without plugins

Flushing yum cache didn’t help. Squid cache isn’t enabled.

While troubleshooting, I restarted the network service and lost connectivity. Looks like I’ll be waiting until someone comes into that office tomorrow before I can continue looking into it.

I can’t help but think this has something to do with me preconfiguring this appliance in my office and then delivering it to their office.

You don’t havr another NS 6.7 installed?
To look the yum.conf and the /var/cache/yum/x86_64/6/centos-base/mirrorlist.txt

I think you must fix the mirror list.

But I don’t know how.
It’s a VM install?

I do. They look identical.

Did you ever try to disable all yum plugin?

I did not. Lost connectivity before I got a chance.

I’m afraid to ask… But you are a Testing Team member :laughing:

Did you have a mirror repository in your network?

Nope. The NS instance that’s having this problem is not on my network anyway.

What did you mean ? :smirk:

Did you use opendns?

As mentioned above…

Nope. Still using Google DNS:

There’s a proxy on the network?

No proxy.