So, what are you working on? 6 Mar 2019

Hi NethServerians
our appointment with the new comers is here!
So many new faces have joined up our community over the last weeks: 61 new users
Now we are more than 3.2k members here :clap: :call_me_hand:

Welcome! Make yourselves at home. We will find only friendly faces and people ready to help you

So what are you working on? Why are you here?

I’d like to mention a few people here: @nfj @michelandre @jfernandez @GG_jr @LayLow @wbilger @transocean @AndreLinux @krath
What are you working on guys?

I’m here strictly testing out NethServer’s Active Directory Domain functions at this point. Just got done ironing out some odd issues specific to our internal network setup regarding firewalls and NethServer Active Directory DC Container access from multiple different subnets?.

Now onto figuring out ways of bulk importing entries from an existing /etc/hosts file on another inhouse linux server so it makes it into NethServer’s hosts file and read by dnsmasq for proper name resolution.

@alefattorini - you happen to have any bookmarked pages regarding this topic?

Working on finally moving out of a test environment into production for NethServer in the next month or so. Working on changing over from Zentyal to UCS as my PDC, once that’s ironed out then just have to figure out one more issue I am having with NextCloud pulling the email addresses for notifications from username@REALM, then am going to test OnlyOffice integration, then test Mattermost. Will just have to move all email, contacts, calendars, from an old SuSE OpenExchange server into NS, and all documents from SuSE EX documents into NextCloud, then should be ready to go…

Yesterday evening i got stuck into a firewall restore.
Bad idea to restore a 7.6 configuration on 7.5 setup.
For anyone who’s trying to do the same thing: install Nethserver, update to latest release, and only then restore.
Maybe one day there will be a disclaimer during first NethServer setup who will tell you “restore only a configuration from the same version of this installation”.

FusionPBX + Freeswitch under NS7

Hi alefattorini,

I am working on the howtos on NethSerServer & WordPress/WooCommerce for my grand-mother.

All is coming fine, I am at bying tests on PayPal Sandbox.



i am not working. I have holiday for one week. And next week i will start with migration from my MS SBS 2011 to Nethserver.



Curious, what made you leave Zentyal?
And what was in UCS that you like more than NethServer when it comes to Domain functions?

I have contantly had issues with Zentyal recently, and UCS was at the suggestion of a user here. Seems like a much more devloped product than Zentyal and a more active community. I like to keep the AD separate from all other systems, and have the AD functions only, then have all other servers connect to the AD. It is more feature rich than NethServer, which only has the basic AD functions and a true MS AD replacement.

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Good info, thanks. When you said a “true MS AD replacement” are you referring to UCS or NethServer there?

UCS. NethServer is great, but it only has basic AD functions, but like I said, I like to keep them separate anyway.

Hey guys, glad to be part of this!
I’m working on the new nethserver-cockpit project, that will revolutionize the graphical frontend :sunglasses:

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With rsat tools for windows you can manage the nethserver ad like a windows ad server.
For Linux you can use LDAP Admin I think.

If you need help configuring or installing it, don’t be shy to ask.

I’ve considered it, but I do really like keeping the AD controller separate.
The other issue is having all users lose their profiles, and have to log into a new domain, that is an issue.
I know there are tools to copy profiles, but it is a lot of extra work, and I’ve don’t it before and never had 100% success.
Is there an AD takeover possibility with NethServer?

Hey Ken,
welcome here :slight_smile:
It should still working

Why do you restore on 7.5? But the question is, why did you install a 7.5 :slight_smile:

Really? Could you share some notes?

Share your experience, it would be great to know

Let us know looks a great challenge :smiley:

Why do you say it? What do you mean with basic functions?

Hardware supplied came with 7.5. And 7.6 boot media recovery/factory reset went sideways.
Therefore, factory reset via 7.5 then update than config restore.

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Obviously a true ADDC controller like UCS has a lot more functionality, but the basic functions I was talking about are the ability to change the Password Policy, and the ability to ignore the Password Policy for a user. Both of which I can do with UCS. But, I actually found UCS over complicated for my situation, so have decided to go with NethServer as my primary ADDC. I found workarounds for both of my above issues. I’m happy with it, and go live this weekend after over a year of testing!

In how-to/script is in the works, time is relevant I had it completely installed on SME Server, so I guess all doable. An RPM is not my expertise.

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IT infrastructure with Centos solutions and IP telephony with asterisk. I am using nethserver on some clients and the result is satisfactory so far.

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