So, what are you working on? - 5 Dec 17

Happy new week NethServer Tribe, I’m a bit late this time.

What are you working on this week? I’m a bit busy catching up on last new discussions here and I just created our first NethServer Awards!!

By the way, I can’t miss the opportunity to give all the new NethServer members the welcome they deserve.
If you’re new here, welcome to the NethServer community. Are you just looking around? Are you playing with NethServer? I WANT TO KNOW YOUR STORY

Please tell us: What are you working on? What brings you to NethServer?

I see so many people hanging round @danb35 @wbilger @Alex @alexcsilva @pagaille @enrico.s @Bart What are your plans with NethServer?

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I am just interested in setting up NethServer as a VPN server on Oracle VBox and using this as my home office network server. My interest is just exploring and learning linux OS systems.

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Take a look at and[]=vpn

if you need more this people can help you @harry @EddieA @ssabbath @bwdjames @flatspin

Good to know! Why NethServer? Looks an easy starting point? What do you need to know?
@mrmarkuz @Hunv @dnutan do you have any advice for that guy?

This week I configured my home server as mail server.

Since port 25 is blocked inbound and outbound, I played with the settings to change the listening port to 2525. It has a dynamic IP, therefore I used a DDNS service to set the A record of the domain’s DNS zone.

Then I configured another nethserver I have access to and that has a full featured fixed IP internet connection as relay to my domain:2525. Actually I even modified the php files to make it possible to set the SMTP port directly on the UI.

My domain name’s DNS zone obviously have MX records that points to the fixed IP server.

Mails are sent via a smarthost, my ISP’s SMTP server.

Awkward and a bit ghetto, but works perfectly and I learned a lot.

Finalizing the last set-up of a 7 server domain using all open-source products and blasting commercial stuff out of the water when you put a $/value assessment on it. Creating a Howto as well for others to replicate and comment on so it can be improved upon and serve as a ‘you can pretty easily replace M$ on the server-side’ testimonial

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Generally the forum search and the wiki helped me getting started. Feel free to ask if you have some questions about your Nethserver setup.

Great and there is much to do. I think Nethserver is a good starting point because you have a full server stack ready to go in about an hour (with M$ you need a day for the same services) and it makes more fun to explore a working system than to need much theory to make it work.

Have some fun on command line:


This week I have been attending an AWS Course and for the next 6 weeks I plan to be migrating a website from one hosting provider in the US to AWS.

May be testing out a potential NethServer installation in AWS as well (depending on how well the other project goes)

Oh wow! Can you share it with us? Sounds amazing :smiley:

That’s the aim! Achieving your goals and learning along the way. :heart_eyes_cat:

:heart: :ok_hand:

Love this sentence! Just tweeted

Good luck! You do need it :smiley:

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I intend to release and maintain it here, as it is all Nethserver & Stephdl that makes this possible and in-reach for windows admins.


Oh man, this is amazing!

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Hi, @alefattorini !!

Currently I’m out of work at the moment, but I have some clients that I intend to implement Nethserver.
I’ll take some time to rest while I’m training with Netherserver at my house.

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I’ve installed Nethserver on a VPS. I’m configuring website hosting on virtual hosts. It’s not running out of the box like other services (SSL, users & groups, e-mail, nextcloud) so it takes some time to figure things out. The documentation is very limited. I think the manual needs to be extended.

Hello @jozeff,

What are you missing? If the docs lack some info, we have to add it.

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I’m missing information about where the html files are located on the server and how to access them. Also how to login to the server with Filezilla and upload files to the html directories for different virtual hostst.
I have the impression I have to consult the apache manuals to get things running and I’m not familiar with that kind of stuff.

/var/www/html - it’s a linux default, should we add it to docs?


When creating a virtual host in web UI, you can enable FTP user and then you are able to upload files.

Infos already there:

Do you think a change in the docs is necessary to find it more easily?

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Hi, I’m working in a small company in Argentina, I’m in charge of the systems office and I’m interested in filtering user navigation.

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Good! Can you talk us about your NethServer installation?

Actually, the docs are fine. People are used to docs being exhaustive explanations on what each and every feature does. NethServer Docs are different, in that they only provide the bare minimum to get things working.

This makes it so that people are not looking for the docs, because the expect them to be useless for getting things to work fast, and will only turn to them when google or the forum fails.

What I would like to see, is the docs integrated in the UI, much like the Help function already does, but expanded a bit. I do not know how well that fits with Cockpit tho … but Nethserver docs are different in that they, just like the distribution, are simple (yet robust), and work.

I have been asking questions a few times, only to find the answer in the docs … banging my head on the desk about the world not being fair :stuck_out_tongue: