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Is it possible to have the sentences to complete the french’s translation? In French, there may be several translations according to the sentence.

network is down
literally network is low (network is low)
According to the sentence fell network (network is falling or breaking)
Others exemple: we can translate
"Incremental" by Incrémentiel (male) or Incrémentielle (female)
“New” by Nouveau (male) or Nouvelle (female)

It would be easier to finish the translation

What do you think about a new translation platform?
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Feel free to ask here.

The meaning is: network is unreachable.

It should be male because it’s “Incremental backup”.

We have the same problem for Italian translation.
Most of the times it means “New record”, so translate it as male.


My knowledge are not sufficient to achieve a consistent translation.

If better french bilingual can complete the translation … lacks 2% to complete…

French translation is coming
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French translation is coming