Shared folders connection management UI

NS have an option to see what files are used by user with options to disconnect/close the file opened and/or even the user session? Just like Sambastatus seems to be, let me put some examples:

  1. A few weeks ago, some computer got a virus that open/create a lot of files ~50; its not normal to see users jumping between directories and opening files than not belong to the user. So this was a red flag at those moment. And on the server I just right clic the user to disconnect the session and files opened.

I can select a file opened/locked and close the connection, (not nice) but sometimes is needed:
2) like when the user don’t know that the file in question is opened and locked by an antivirus (are you reading avast?) and who knows when will be released (we wait ~15 minutes for the unlock without luck of a 2MB xls file).



Yes @gecco started to develop a sambastatus viewer

It could be a nice core #feature to add to