Shared folder Credentials

Dear Everyone, I have a problem with accessing shared folder with same credentials used to access Openvpn. Problem is when the user open shared folder which is connected as a Network Drive always asks the password to login, but the correct password is not valid even though it is the correct password. I restarted the smb service on the server and it corrected the error but it occors sometimes again and again.
Is there any solid solution to prevent this happening again.?

Thanks for the help.

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I think you have added the VPN to trusted networks, if not it could be a solution.

Dear Traeumner, this setting is applying to all users? Only one user in the users and groups has this problem.

This setting is for all VPN users.
Your other users are also using VPN, or do they work local?

Are we talking about windows client?

yes.Only one Windows client has this problem meanwhile others have no problem and they are also working in the VPN.

Please test at the client with

net use

if there are saved bindings, perhaps with wrong credentials, and delete them.

net use [ DeviceName [ /home [{ Password | ***** }] [ /delete: { yes | no }]]

So… check it.
Hosts file, stored credentials, configurations, use the same client with other credentials (same kind and different kind), verify the client version, reset TCP/IP Stack, find the root cause.

On the opposite side, on a working client test the credentials that are not working, trying to figure out if really is the client or the user.

Once found the different thing, run to logs.

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Hi Micheal, I already tried with disconnecting network drive and reconnecting them. But not using the Command prompt but with My computer window. Your suggession is to use command prompt anyway?

Hi Kicks, in your solution the term “client” is refering the OpenVPN client.?

No, client as “client computer”.

Perhaps it could help with command prompt, but at first I would try the steps @pike has written.

hi Pike, your suspect is worthful, because this user connect to VPN using his laptop also but has no error using laptop. the problems arises only from desktop. I will clear the TCP ip stack and check the host file - in addition will use comman prompt to reset Network drives as suggested by Micheal. thanks

Dear Pike and Michael, I tried to resolve the problem with your suggessions but the user is continuing to request user name and password to open the network shared folder. Just to know, a user can use same certificate and user name for loggin from 2 computers using openVpn without occoring these kind of problems?

Not at the same time, but AFAIK yes.

Are into computer/user stored other credentials ?
Are we talking about the “In lan” client or in the VPN Client?

Hi Pike, I will reply you like this,

  1. no
  2. talking about vpn client. (the computer loggin by another user account which is stored locally on this computer, but using server credentials which is also vpn username and password I attached shared folders as Network Drives and those drives used to open every other time but from 2 weeks ago we had this strange situation)

Has somebody else an idea?

If I understand correctly, the user can access without problems (re-autenticate) when using his laptop. It only occurs with the PC.

Do you use roaming profiles? If not, it can be the profile on the PC. If you do use roaming profiles, it is most likely the PC.

You could try re-joining the pc to the domain. If it is a user profile problem on the pc, you could re-create the userprofile. Make sure to backup all files(documents + pst if using outlook + …) before deleting the old profile.

Was the user of the desktop renamed?

@support_team any suggestions?
This looks like a nasty problem.
@ns_nirosh did you find anything yourself what could cause this?